Moon in Libra


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The moon governs our inner self and our inner child. So, as a child you probably loved playdates and parties, as this is the most social of all the zodiac signs.


Moon in LibraYou enjoy the art of good conversation

You have an innate need to share your experiences so your friends are very important to you and you make a good friend as you have a great sense of give and take. You enjoy beautiful surrounds, so it’s important you live and work in a space that is aesthetically pleasing or it can really bring you down. You have a talent for art, design and music and find all the arts a great form of meditation.

You can struggle to make a decision because you see both points of view equally. This makes you an ideal negotiator but can be challenging in your personal life. If you feel the paralysis of over-analysis, drop the pro’s and con’s list and look to your heart’s knowing to guide you.


Moon in Libra
You have a strong sense of justice

When others break agreements it both wounds and offends, causing an injuring of trust. This inspires you to value agreements and ensure the terms are clear upfront and defend those who suffer injustices. You tend to have a good balance of masculine and feminine energies. This will attract both genders, so you may have close friends of both sexes. Balance is a key theme, so you may find you explore the polarities in your early life and suffer the consequences until you learn to strike a happy balance in all things.

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