Moon in Taurus


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The moon governs our inner self and our inner child. So, as a child, you probably loved sensory play, such as playing with play dough, mud, and sand, and probably collected rocks and crystals as Taurus is an Earth sign


moon in taurusYou’re a great lover! 

This makes you very tactile, affectionate and sensual…a great lover! In fact, it’s really important you get regular hugs or you may use food to calm your nervous system when you feel stressed. You are a lover of beauty and like to enhance your appearance, You know how to use colours and textures so you often make quite an entrance and enjoy creatively expressing yourself through how you dress.

You really need stability so a good routine and ample notice if change is needed help to keep your calm. You have a placid temperament but if someone insists you do something you don’t want to you can do passive resistance and become like an immovable rock.


moon in taurusYou’re known for having the rage of a bull.

Your true nature is more like Ferdinand, the bull can who was a lover, not a fighter. Your challenge not to become emotionally dependent on others or life can feel like a series of dramas. It’s important you know how loveable you are and appreciates your value so you can make self-honouring choices and form interdependent relationships. When younger you may fall in love quickly and hard in your search to find someone who’ll validate how loveable and beautiful you are.

When the moon is in Taurus each month you need to pamper yourself to avoid binging on sugary treats that spike your blood sugar and destabilise your emotions. Once a year the new moon is in your natal lunar sign. This is your power window for manifestation.


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