Moon in Virgo


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The moon governs our inner self and our inner child. So, as a child, you probably needed routine more than most and were neater and tidier than other children.


Moon in VirgoYou strive to be of service

Those who appreciate your efforts will be rewarded with your loyalty and a work ethic that exceeds expectations. You do have to be careful that you don’t strive to please others in an effort to prove yourself worthy and a good person that you burn out and risk your health. In fact, in your early life, you may have health challenges until you learn to sustain yourself with healthy habits.

You are sensitive to other’s personal space and boundaries and struggle when others are insensitive to yours. It’s important you speak up as an advocate on your own behalf is someone disrespects your sacred space or belongings and where possible be upfront about your expectations providing others with clear guidelines.


Moon in Virgo
You notice areas for improvement


Whether that’s team management, implementing more efficient systems, DIY projects, life coaching or personal growth…you also have a great eye for detail! So have a natural aptitude for attending to detail, so working with numbers, proofreading, filing and data analysis are all tasks you excel at.

When the moon moves through Virgo each month you may have a tendency to overwork due to a sense of hyper-vigilance in your effort to get everything done right. You may also find it hard to keep up with your perfectionistic ideals. Gardening or physical exercise is an ideal way to ground and get out of your head.

Once a year the new moon is in your natal lunar sign. This is your power window for manifestation.


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