The moon is now waning in the sign of Aries. This means there’s more chance of acting quickly based on our emotions & being so self focused we don’t consider how this impacts others.
Understandably this can cause tension & conflict if we don’t stop to consider the effects of our actions.
This tendency is due to Aries being the youngest of the signs & a fire sign that likes to be continually active – rather than take equal time to reflect (a quality of water) for it fears slowing or stopping will put out its spark.
So with the moon still very full you may feel like you can’t sit still today. If you have children in your care as a parent, grandparent, carer or teacher be sure to give them ample time to be active outdoors to burn off some energy.
Similarly if you find yourself feeling restless, put on some music & have a dance to move the energy & feel good. This helps avert energy becoming blocked & then erupting as frustration, anger or rage.
Active practices like trance dance done with sacred intent, such as clearing our central channel by expressing pent up emotion in a creative way, helps us embody the highest expression of Aries, the rainbow warrior who consciously uses their energy in a balanced way to create harmony in the world.
Unless you’re menstruating you’ll find you also have more energy & strength to use at the gym or in your exercise class or team sport. If you are menstruating, move the energy in a gentle way such as drawing with colours that express your mood.
This is a good window to get things done so before the lunar light wanes down to new moon. Just remember everyone else’s needs as important as your own & your day will run smooth!
Blessings on your day,
This is a perfect day to do the active chakra meditation I created in my Good Morning Chakra Workout CD available also as an MP3 album here

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