My Review of 2018 Moon Diaries & Calendars

Nov 21, 2017

So it’s that time of year when the internal reminder flags it’s time to order a new diary…

Yep, I’m old school. In our high tech world where there’s an app for everything but hair removal, all designed to make our fast paced lives easier…I  find the more time I get offline the more zen I feel.

So I resist digital calendars on the basis that I have enough login details & passwords to remember & I’d rather spend my time indulging my senses than learning another operating system! I also don’t want digital reminders interrupting my dream state or inducing cortisol in my waking hours.

How My Moon Diary Supports My Health & Wellbeing

As a modern mystic & all round sensitive soul I also find keeping a hard copy appointments diary supports the health of my nervous system (along with daily magnesium supplements!)

Writing things down anchors events in my muscle memory, frees my head of mental chatter and gives me the satisfaction of crossing tasks off once completed. (I daresay there’s probably some self-worth issues underlying that compulsive pleasure.)

I also find it quicker to observe the daily moon sign & phase while checking my appointments than navigating the fine print of an ephemeris…so my Moon Diary is my ‘go to’ tool for the lunar blog I write that is followed by over half a million people!

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How My Moon Diary Helps Me Go With the Flow

Aside from writing my blog, I check my moon diary before agreeing to anything so I can check the daily moon sign & phase before making any plans.

This ensures everything I do is in alignment with the natural ebb & flow.

So instead of pushing against the tide, I’m dancing with the rhythm of life like Sammy David Jnr in that hip, psychedelic number in Sweet Charity.

How My Moon Diary Reduces Burn Out

Consulting my moon diary is how I reduce stress & ensure what I commit to doing is sustainable…by planning more as the moon waxes to full and less as it wanes to new moon. I also take into account whether the moon sign is conducive to my activity to ensure optimal results.

So I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on the moon diaries and calendars currently available to help you chose the one most suited to your needs.

Give the Gift of Luna Alignment!

Moon diaries also make awesome gifts for Xmas or friends with birthdays in Dec / Jan so pay attention if anyone intuitively comes to mind as you peruse the options below. 🙂

Please note, I’ve included affiliate links along with my honest opinion as a personal guide.

I’ve also arranged them into their respective hemispheres since most online book retailers don’t specify which hemisphere a moon diary is for. This is essential since lunar phases & transits are printed in local timezones.


We’Moon Diary I reckon this is the standout option for the Northern hemisphere now in it’s 37th year! With a 4.5 star rating from 12 customers on Amazon it is visually more pleasing than some of its counterparts with it’s roots steeped deep in women’s wisdom teachings. Click here for more

It also comes in a Spanish edition! Click here

Moon Sign Datebook by Llewelyn

This diary also has it’s loyal fans with a 5 star rating from 11 customers on Amazon. It’s layout is very ‘no frills’ but I like that the eclipses & Mercury retrograde periods are featured at the front of the book & best days for planting & fishing featured with a symbol. It also includes significant days for both the UK & USA. Click here for more

Lunar & Seasonal Diary by Stacey Demarco. This moon diary seems inspired by Llewellyn’s Witches Datebook, which is not classified as a moon diary so I haven’t reviewed it, but both are available on Amazon. Only has two reviews on Amazon but comes in at 4.5 stars. Since there are editions for each hemisphere see below for more comments. Click here for more info

Astro Moon Diary by Astrocal The style, size and formatting look like they’ve taken inspiration from the original We’Moon diary although it lacks the same aesthetic appeal, despite it’s colour panels and doesn’t feel like it has the same depth. Whilst I haven’t used it since I’m in the opposite hemisphere it has a 5 star rating on Amazon (albeit from two happy customers) Click here for more

Fairy Moon Diary: Independently produced & half the price of some others listed. There are no reviews on Amazon & only offered a limited view inside so whilst the description says it includes colour fairy images for each month, none were visible in the excerpt shown & the pages presented looked very basic & the only lunar info was the sign & time of the full moon rather than the other moon diaries on the market which provide daily moon sign and phase info. Click here for more


like many Aussie hippychicks I started using Shekinah Morgan’s Moon Diary. This is a diary that fits in your handbag & has lovely tid bits of info about various Goddesses artfully depicted with heart by Jude Baderle and Kellie Gough. Shekinah pioneered the moon diary in Australia in 1993. In doing so she’s provided us a great service & inspired others to follow by creating their own. My only criticism is that the times aren’t adjusted for daylight savings time in the states where that applies. Click here for more

Moontime Diary by Iris Detenhoff. This is the one I’ve used for the past few years. I made the jump simply for practical reasons. I had more stuff to do than I could fit in the space allotted in the aforementioned Moon Diary. I also find it really helpful for tracking the planetary transits (when they change sign & go retrograde using the table in the front section.) I use this as a reference for writing my fortnightly Astro Oracle. See below for a special offer!

2018 Lunar & Seasonal Diary by Stacey Demarco Launched in 2011 it’s the most glam with full colour images and a slick commercial production by Rockpool…although it feels a little too large for my handbag. It has a workbook component & would make a lovely gift for anyone sporting a pentacle as it has a decidedly Wiccan slant with spells and the author photographed in her witch garb. Click here for more


Lunaria This is a visually beautiful calendar which would make a lovely pressie or addition to one’s wall. Featuring classical paintings and tips for both your spiritual and gardening life by the moon in accordance with the daily lunar phase & sign this is my top pick. Also printed on carbon neutral paper.Wish they had one for the Southern hemisphere. Click here for more

Llewelyn’s Astrological Calendar whilst not technically a moon calendar I’ve included this one because it’s got such a strong reputation & is now in it’s 85th edition! It features inspirational artwork by Leanna TenEycke & in addition to lunar info (that includes fishing forecasts & planting tips) there are planetary aspects, transits & retrograde periods noted for Mars, Venus  & Mercury. Click here for more


Astrological Calendar & Moon Planting Guide A must mention is the ‘down home’ Moon Planting Calendar poster which also features hand drawn illustrations & the wheel of the year as a mandala as well as a detailed lunar planting guide. It hangs on my kitchen door. They’re available individually from most health food stores around Australia for $12 or you can order in bulk direct from Thomas Zimmer C/-Mt Congal Rd, Tallebudgera Valley, Q 4228 My dear friend, Annie buys ten copies every year and that’s her Xmas shopping sorted!

Soul Bird Art Calendar Illustrated by Roberta Orpwood shows the moon sign for each of the four main moon phases but not the daily moon sign. Designed to appeal to both hemispheres it shows the Equinoxes & Solstices & cross quarter seasonal festivals & modern festival days for both hemispheres. Click here for more

Want More?

There’s also a wide range of lunar wall calendars on Etsy to suit every style of room decor if you’re looking for gift inspiration. Click here for more



Iris Detenhoff has offered my followers 10% off when you order your Australian Moon Time diary before Dec 31, 2017.

To claim your discount offer just enter the PROMO CODE: TMW at the check-out. Click here

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