The moon is now waning in Pisces. This is the most psychic of all the signs so pay attention to any messages you notice, such as:

– first impressions
– dreams
– synchronistic events
– symbols
– totem animal images
– gut feelings

Why? Accessing the inner mystic to navigate our way through the chaos & constant change that is the very nature of life helps us develop both self-reliance & trust in the benevolent Universe.

it also helps us rise above the potential drama which can see us spiral into victim / martyr when the moon moves through this sensitive sign. How?

By maintaining our focus on the eternal realm which transcends time and space – this helps us to feel limitless…which is the expansive state of universal love, the highest expression of Pisces rather than overwhelmed with the fear, the lowest expression of this sign.

Blessings on your day,

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