Are you avoiding responsibilities?

Capricorn is ruled by the planet, Saturn. Saturn asks us to take responsibility for ourselves. So, when we experience a significant Capricorn transit, such as this approaching full moon, we can experience catalysts that highlight where we’re avoiding taking responsibility. The more we do avoid our responsibilities, the more severe the repercussions we experience.

Capricorn full moon can also highlight the ways we are over-responsible for others and the personal cost of that. Since full moon brings situations to a head to be seen and resolved, you may find yourself feeling increasingly intolerant of those who you perceive as not pulling their weight.

Capricorn invites us to restructure situations so they’re workable and sustainable. This starts with acknowledging where there are cracks in our foundations. For Capricorn asks us to consider what we’re building for the long-term. So if the foundations aren’t strong it’s better to down tools than persist building on shaky ground.

Capricorn asks us to question all of our commitments, especially our long-term commitments. This is when we’re likely to ask questions, such as, “Is what I’m investing my time and energy in worth the effort?” If it is, this is a time of strengthening bonds and laying plans for greater expansion…whether that’s your job, your business, your marriage or completing a degree. If we no longer feel aligned with the long-term vision we’re working towards, it will feel increasingly harder to apply the personal discipline needed to put in the consistent effort needed to reach our planned goals.


Archetypal Energy: The Empire Builder

Lesson: To build something of lasting value

In mythology, Saturn is the figure of Kronos, Father Time. So, you may find yourself more sensitive to time as we approach this full moon. Whether that’s angst around being late or anger at those who don’t honour your time or a fear of not having enough time…which can signal a fear of death – not having enough time to achieve and experience all of your plans.

Capricorn can also evoke old wounds in relation to our dads. For many this is experienced as an internalised ‘inner critic’ who is impossible to please. This is what can spiral us down into a state of depression where we feel a heavy inertia. This occurs when we focus more on our faults and mistakes, than on our strengths and achievements.

When we view ourselves in an unbalanced way, we sabotage ourselves by becoming increasingly conservative to avoid failure. We are then more inclined to attract struggles due to a sub-conscious belief we deserve to be punished

Those who are struggling with this inner dynamic are often those who judge others and exact harsh punishments – a reflection of how they treat themselves.


Since Capricorn is the final earth sign, we can become stiff, sore and inflexible physically if our thinking is rigid. So, consider loosening up and shaking off the blues with the active meditations in my Chakra Workout digital album. Click here.


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