Navigating Full Moon in Libra


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How well do you play with others?

Full moon is the time of communion – with friends, family, neighbours and partners. None more so than this one which occurs in the social sign of Libra, the sign which rules social connections and partnerships. So, you may find your social schedule busier than usual as we approach this full moon. If not feeling overwhelmed socially, consider inviting friends / neighbours over for a full moon community dinner.

Libra highlights social interaction and invites us to learn how to play well with others. As with any life lesson this involves a lot of learning through doing – trial and error. The more dominant the archetypal energy of the opposite sign of Aries is the more challenging this will be. Aries evokes the child who focuses on putting their own ideas into action and needs to take into account the feelings and needs of others in order to avoid conflict. Whereas is the Libran archetypal energy is dominant we may be so accommodating of others we feel taken for granted. Regardless of our personal astrology we all have to master both polarities on this axis to enjoy harmonious relationships.

Social skills aren’t taught directly in most educational institutions and yet they are essential to us fulfilling our life purpose. We need others if we are to grow our ideas into fruition. So Libran transits invite us to remember ‘no man is an island’ (or woman) and consider how through co-operation we can co-create with those whose skills, talents and strengths complement our own, making the act of creation more enjoyable.

So, if you’ve been trying to do everything on your own, (especially now with the Sun moving through the opposite sign of Aries) you may receive cautionary flags that this is not a harmonious way to create.

An air sign, Libra asks us to rise above emotion, so we can discern the facts rather than getting lost in emotional reactivity. So, if you’ve been a magnet for drama of late, consider where and how you’ve fuelled that process by swinging emotionally or polarising between love and war.

Mastering the balance of light and dark is the lesson of the Libra / Aries axis. When we acknowledge both equally, we can stay the course of the middle path and move forwards towards our goal without being distracted by drama. This requires inner balance mentally, so meditation is helpful to find the centre point within and access insights from the higher mind intuitively that helps us see challenging situations from a higher perspective. Once we identify our personal lesson, we can get off the see saw of self-righteous judgement and blame that escalates conflict.


Archetypal Energy: The Diplomat / Strategist

Lesson:  To view situations from the other’s point of view

Libra inspires us to restore justice by being the peacemaker and extending the olive branch of peace. Treat others the way you want to be treated is the Libran slogan. The key is harmonious and productive relating is mutual respect demonstrated through considerate words and actions.

When we feel like another is not considering our needs, inner tension rises, resulting in outer conflict. Whereas when we really stop to consider a situation from the perspective of the other and communicate that genuine understanding, harmony is restored through empathy and a genuine effort to create a win / win outcome which benefits both parties equally.

So if there is a situation in your life, where polarisation has occurred with both parties separated by a sense of mistrust and righteousness, this is the time to extend an olive branch of peace by showing compassion for the other’s position and a proposal that seeks to meet all party’s needs. This approach is best supported by creative visualisation invoking the highest outcome for all involved, surrendering the situation to be healed through highest will being served.

Libra is symbolised by the scales of balance and justice. The more balanced we are in our attitudes, the more we can enjoy partaking moderately in everything but nothing in excess which leads to imbalance, distortion and suffering.


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