How are your childhood wounds limiting you?

Sagittarius asks us to expand beyond our conditioning; our wounded thinking. It does this by ushering in opportunities for us to learn and grow. This is because Sag is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system so Sagittarius transits urge us to broaden our horizons by challenging what we thought possible for ourselves.

The symbol for Sagittarius is a centaur. A centaur is a mythic being – one who exists in another dimension who is half man, half horse. So Sagittarius asks us to heal through the acceptance of both our higher and lower natures. Both serve us equally when we value the strengths of our animal self that is instinctual and of the Earth and our human self who has the ability to self-actualise thanks to the stellar DNA introduced to us, the race of homosapiens. Only by acknowledging and integrating both aspects can we heal our psyche, feel whole and then make our mark in the world.

If we don’t expand our consciousness by questioning the conditioning we received as children from our family of origin and the programming imprinted upon our psyche by popular culture we remain like an unaware animal, reactive and disempowered reacting to life’s external circumstances instead of seeing them as a reflection of our internal projections. So too, if we continue to consume unhealthy examples of human behaviour we create dis-ease on all levels.


Archetypal Energy: Chiron, the Spiritual Teacher

Lesson: To expand beyond past conditions

The most famous centaur was Chiron. Chiron is portrayed as ‘the wounded healer’ a title I view as a patriarchal distortion. Chiron was the only centaur who transcended the base ways of his kind through a path of learning and healing. He then went on to mentor others.

So, I see the empowered Chiron as the archetypal spiritual teacher. He who honours his wound as his greatest teacher and transcends being identified by it. His teachings are powerful because they are bourne from direct experience. He humbly shares his experiences so others may grow and expand beyond their current viewpoint. This means being willing to be seen in his vulnerability.

Chiron is the masculine archetype who resides in our throat chakra. He helps us heal by finding the courage to express our innermost feelings and deepest vulnerabilities. This liberates us from our social mask. The more he expresses his inner truth the more his outer world aligns with his true self.

This expression of innermost truth keeps our throat chakra open as a bridge between our heart and our head…so we can access the consciousness of our upper chakras and experience living Heaven on Earth by being soul directed and soul honouring in all our choices. This creates wellbeing on all levels.

Sag transits can evoke our vulnerability urging us to confront our unhealed wounds viewing them as a teacher we agreed to journey with prior to our current incarnation. so, we may grow beyond them. So, as we approach this new moon old wounds may surface to be healed. If they do take proactive steps to prioritise your healing.

Those not willing to express their feelings of vulnerability may shut down and experience a sore throat rather than consciously enter the wound by feeling the intensity of emotion it contains. Only through expressing this emotion can we become less dense and more crystal clear to receive the insights contained within our past painful experiences.


Take an inner journey to meet your inner Chiron, the Spiritual Teacher and Artemis, the inner Medicine Woman – the archetypes who govern the throat chakra to receive personal guidance from a higher perspective into your wounds. Available on my Sacred Union meditation album. Click here.


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