What’s sabotaging you from your ultimate potential?

Scorpio is the sign of the transformation so this full moon you may experience a series of unfortunate events that catalyze a showdown with your saboteur (we’ve all got one!).

So, if life doesn’t go according to plan or completely spirals out of control resulting in a ‘ground zero’ of all you’d built instead of cursing your fate, consider how you can rebuild with clear intent from a place of truth and authenticity and rise again like the phoenix!

It is inevitable that we experience total chaos, the feminine principle when our soul steps in to deconstruct all our ego has constructed if it isn’t in alignment with our ultimate potential. So, it’s a waste of time and energy to whip ourselves as a failure investing in the drama of victimhood, when we understand our greater self is the one orchestrating our current circumstances.

It’s when everything appears to go to shit externally, we go to the depths of darkness within. It is there we discover our true soul gifts and our deepest values and desires. Since we’ve been taught to fear the darkness within, the ego strives to avoid it at any cost by proving our worth through outward effort but this is exhausting and unfulfilling. So ironically, it’s often when we’re burnt out and overwhelmed, we experience our magical turning point.

Scorpio transits invite us to consider what lies beneath…what subconscious beliefs are motivating us and others. It urges us to understand our psyche, to make sense of the darkness of confusion with the light of awareness. If we don’t make the time to do this, we seek power and control because we fear the chaos of the unknowable. Then we fear others dominating us. Rather than getting caught up in a power struggle we need to focus on efforts on being in right relationship with all that scares us, all that keeps us feeling powerless.

Namely, the three life taboos that Scorpio governs; blood, sex and death. The life experiences that initiate our psyche into the darkness within and unless understood from a higher perspective keep us trapped in the darkness of inner confusion, experienced as depression.

Until we are in right relationship with the darker side of life, we will be enslaved by its power that has been distorted. For example, if we’re not in right relationship with death – if we’re afraid of change, of complete surrender to the unknowable, we can’t be in right relationship with life so we will sabotage our health and wellbeing with reckless behaviours that undermine our health and wellbeing or endanger the wellbeing of others.

Scorpio teaches us the truth sets us free. Ultimate truth gifts us ultimate power – which is far beyond that which the ego associates with power – absolute control. When we relinquish the need to be in control, whether that’s obsessional compulsive behaviours, eating disorders, micromanaging others in relationship or using implied threats of intimidation to assert high status over others we’re simply compensating for our fear of the unknown. When we face that ultimate fear, we liberate our soul and awaken to love.

Scorpio reminds us that it’s in deep inner space within the individual psyche of each one of us where the real duel between power and love is played out….and we are now each being called to make this transition so we can each play our part and effect powerful positive change in our waking world.


You may find my video masterclass series, Initiation: The Sacred Power of Blood, Sex, and Death a timely watch with insights to transform shame and disempowerment into knowledge and personal power. Click here.


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