Need to unwind your mind?

At new moon, both the sun and moon are conjunct, appearing on top of each other in the same sign. This means we get tested on the lessons of that sign externally, in our outer lives and internally, in our psyche, regardless of when we were born.

Gemini new moon evokes the archetype of Hermes, the alchemist who, when unconscious uses deception and trickery to obtain their way but when conscious harnesses the aligned power of thought, word and deed to manifest responsibly.

New moon can see the shadow of a sign being played out so this week as the moon wanes observe and act upon your subtle feelings and inner knowing if something doesn’t feel right.

Alternatively, you may be shown where you have been deceiving yourself. We may also receive some form of communication that exposes deceitful conduct personally or on the world stage.

Positive Gemini invites us to investigate things further – to know and to understand, so this is a good time to ask questions and get all the facts necessary to make informed decisions.

If we are immature on a mental level, we may seek info just for the sake of it – devouring tidbits of lightweight info known as ‘click bait’ simply to amuse ourselves, rather than seeking insight into all the contributing factors that give us a much deeper understanding.

Gemini asks us to consider our mental health. So, this is a good time to consider whether we’re undermining our nervous system by trying to do too much or with overstimulation – which is pandemic in our screen dependent digital culture. The tell-tale signs being disrupted sleep patterns, scattered energy and mental confusion.

Gemini challenges us to align our lower rational mind with our higher intuitive mind so the rational mind can apply its analytical abilities to formulate strategies to act upon the guidance offered by the higher mind.

To do this we need to still the lower mind in order to attune to the higher mind. Great ways to unwind an overactive lower mind include:

    • mandala colouring-in books
    • guided meditations
    • craft which engages your hands with repetitive action

If we don’t unplug from devices and imposing information like advertising, we can inadvertently become enslaved by the fears of the lower mind. This results in chronic anxiety – stress that clouds our judgment.

One of the biggest challenges during a Gemini transit is to know our own mind so we can discern truth from illusion. So, if something’s caused you to question what you thought you knew to be true…come back to you heart by connecting with your breath until you can feel what resonates as truth.

This minimises the chance of giving your personal power and autonomy over to a ‘false teacher’ – someone who undermines rather than affirms your intuition as your highest authority…usually by claiming to have all the answers and asserting all other viewpoints are wrong. Those who don’t know their own mind are at risk of being influenced by those who use charm and charisma to impose their will for their personal gain.

New moon in Gemini is an opportunity to think for ourselves by questioning everything and consider where is our rational mind sabotaging our intuitive calling with excuses like time and money – the two things the rational mind fears it will never have enough of.


Start your day by setting a clear intention with the power of a gong bath to still your inner chatter and direct your mental energy. Available on my Chakra Workout album, click here.


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