Are you being generous with yourself?

Everything grows with love, including us!

Yes! The new moon in Taurus asks us to remember love is the only truth, the only way forward and the true essence of all things in creation…everything else is manifest from a distortion within our minds. So this week is an invitation to be kind to ourselves, to exercise self-love through self-acceptance and self-appreciation to heal the inner critic.

Taurus new moon asks us to review how we’ve limited our growth with fear-based thoughts rather than self-honouring choices motivated by love that support our continued growth and expansion. Taurus is the sign of abundance.

So this is a time to consider we have allowed our inner miser to overshadow our perspective. Where have we been lacking in generosity towards ourselves?

If we want to be in the flow of divine limitless abundance and open the door to miracles we need to lavish ourselves with moments of beauty and pleasure to affirm we truly deserve to receive.

New moon is when the moon wanes to her lowest ebb and so does our energy so this is a week to allow for unscheduled time to just BE. If you’re tired, go to ground…literally since this new moon is in the Earth sign that governs sensate pleasure through communion with the elements via our earthly senses.

So if it’s been a while since you reconnected with the love of BIG MAMA GAIA, this is the time!

Go hug a tree, book a massage or get your hands in the Earth. If the weather is brisk, get rugged up and walk in the rain or if tropical pot for nudey swimming in a natural water source.

At the very least, put your roots down with the Tree Meditation to connect your heart to the heart of our Earth Mother which is the ultimate way to still ourselves and soothe the inner child, by bathing in her all encompassing unconditional love.

Taurus shadow manifests as trying to win the affections of one who is unloving and lacking in affection. This results in gluttony as we try to self soothe with sensate pleasure.  Self love is the only cure for love addiction.


Need to anchor some self-loving habits? Check out my Self Love Goddess Style 21 day program! Click here.

To know more about Tree Meditation, click here.



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