Navigating New Moon in Aries


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Feel like you’re on your own or does that scare you?

Regardless of your sun, moon sign etc. when we’re approaching new moon in Aries we can all express the shadow side of Aries…our challenge is to identify the lessons and master them. Aries is the sign of independence.

When this trait is underdeveloped we can feel dependent on others due to a lack of self belief and confidence. This may be due to being raised by a micromanaging parent or one who puts down our attempts to do things on our own. We may then unwittingly recreate the pattern.

Alternatively if this trait is overdeveloped due our parents being unavailable and/or unsupportive we can recreate this pattern by doing everything on our own fueled by the belief, ‘If I don’t do it it doesn’t get done’. The stronger this belief, the more it plays out in our waking reality exacerbating the fear our needs won’t be met which can result in inner anxiety and outer conflict.

As with any sign the way to balance it is to embrace the strengths of the opposite sign. So our lesson this week is to notice our pattern.

Can we do healthy independence? Do we enjoy doing things on our own but ask for help when needed?

By directly addressing our underlying fear we can create healthy inter-dependence. We do this by taking responsibility for our own needs by speaking up on our own behalf…before we get hot under the collar and blow a fuse!

Without clear communication, misunderstandings lead to conflict.

Aries shadow is an inability to communicate one’s needs which then results in impatience and frustration expressed in impetuous and reckless ways – either aggressively or passive aggressively.


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