Moon is still in Libra for today’s new moon! So be as gentle with yourself as a fern unfurling in the morning dew to greet the dawn.

With sun & moon in Libra you may feel the need to express your inner feminine solar plexus Goddess, Athena (regardless of our physical gender).

When this aspect is empowered we feel inspired, confident and optimistic about pursuing a mission…all the positive traits of the sacred masculine, since she is the most rational out of all the aspects that make up the feminine psyche.

So if you feel a lack of these traits…especially if you’re male, then the best way to empower them is rising with the dawning sun. If you joined me on the sun worship challenge earlier this year but let your morning practice slip, this is an ideal time to start again.

Doesn’t matter what you do; stretching, walking the dog, tai chi, qi gong, guided meditation, sun eating, dancing to music in the living room or chanting the chakras…it’s the intent, followed up with action that makes a hero.

If you’re coming into Autumn, rising with the sun will help minimize the Winter blues as the days darken.

If you’re coming into Spring, rising with the sun will help you to share your light as the days lighten.

Blessings on your day,


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