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Ancient Wisdom Series

Episode 1

Navigating Life’s Downward Spirals

It’s inevitable we experience times of chaos when life doesn’t go according to plan. Watch this video seminar to learn how to turn these times of potential crises into powerful turning points. Running Time: 1.38 mins

Episode 2

The Secret To Aging Well

We live in a culture that fears the natural process of ageing. Watch this video seminar to learn how ancient cyclic wisdom can assist us to enhance longevity and age gracefully. Running Time: 1.46 mins

Episode 3

The Art of Sacred Union

In the western world our divorce rate has been steadily climbing. Watch this video seminar to discover what patterns of relating undermine trust & intimacy & how to create more sustainable and soul fulfilling relationships. Running Time: 1.50 mins

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Initiation Series

Episode 1

The Sacred Power of Blood

Ever wondered why there is such a societal stigma around menstruation? In the ancient world menstruation was revered for it’s mystic power. Watch this video seminar to discover why the distorted perspective on blood contributes to violence and war. Prepare to learn the meaning of the the adage, ‘Where there’s fear there’s power’

Episode 2

The Sacred Power of Sex

Our modern day world has a dark fascination with sex signalling the lack of understanding we have about the power of the sex act to initiate our psyche into the Underworld. Watch this video seminar to discover how our distorted relationship with sex is stunting our evolution as a species.

Episode 3

The Sacred Power of Death

The ancients understood if we are not in right relationship with death we aren’t in right relationship with life. To transcend our fear of death we must first understand it. Watch this video seminar to demystify our cultural phobia about death.

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Discover the most potent secret of all time, the Holy Grail from the perspective of the sacred feminine!

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Most people are living lives of quiet desperation in our fast paced modern world. Watch this video seminar to discover a new awareness that will empower you to avoid the unconscious cycle of endless drama and live a life of stable contentment. An uplifting presentation guaranteed to inspire!

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