Channelled Guidance 60 minute Reading

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This is a remote session where Tanishka works with a photo of you to channel specific personal guidance for your healing, growth and empowerment. 

This in-depth session includes additional information about your life purpose and lessons using numerology, Kabbalah and astrology.

Please Note: You will need to supply a current headshot photo (ideally taken within 24 hours) and your time and date of birth and birth location when you book your reading. To get the most from your reading it’s advised you meditate at the appointed time.

To book a reading simply click to order and you’ll be directed to select an available appointment time between 10am-5pm Mondays & Wednesdays Bali Time (GMT+8) which you can covert to your local time here

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2 reviews for Channelled Guidance 60 minute Reading

  1. Josephine (verified owner)

    Beautiful and affirming! Thank you for the time and care you took with my reading. It was wonderful.

  2. Kellie Papas (verified owner)

    Amazing ???Moon Woman THANK YOU ???
    I recieved my full hour reading and have listened to it a few times making notes of the points that really resonated. Thank you??? Tanishka, your personal experience, your own journey and the modality you specialize in has a way of knowing me intimatly and deeply. You have been able to explain a few behaviors of mine to me which after years of self reflection and self healing I hadn’t been able to understand as clearly as you were able to explain. Your words mirrored my journey past and present.
    So much gratitude for taking the time to help me make another step in my healing journey.
    Funny note…….
    When you connected with my ancestors, you recieved a message that I should stay away from salicylates or you were shown tomatoes..
    Ive been told via blood tests that i have a low tolerance to tomatoes and had eliminated them from my diet for the suggested 12 months, id been trying to bring it back into my life and the morning of the reading Id just eaten a really large serving of italian home made tomato sauce, and as i listened i was feeling the the pains of over indulgence..
    So cheers for the confirmation… ?? ??

    • Tanishka, The Moon Woman

      You are most welcome, Kellie! 🙂 What a coincidence (about me mentioning the tomatoes)! 😀 So glad my reading for you really resonated!

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