Tarot 60 minute Reading


(online via Zoom Video Link – a platform similar to Skype)

In this private LIVE video session Tanishka works with the Tarot invoking your guides, ancestors, Higher Self and Divine Intelligence to identify what soul lessons are creating your current circumstance. With clear insight to master the lesson, challenges can be resolved with empowerment and grace.

This more in-depth reading allows time for you to:

  • access the path of highest wisdom in answer specific questions
  • ask for guidance in relation to a specific area of your life i.e. work, love, health

Great for when you need to really explore and gain clarity into the underlying issues that are impacting your current situation to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Includes mp4 recording.

*In the event the wifi signal is weak an mp3 recording will be provided.

To book a reading simply click to order and you’ll be directed to select an available appointment time between 10am-5pm weekdays Bali Time (GMT+8) which you can covert to your local time here

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