It’s Time to Activate the Alchemical Marriage of the God & Goddess Within

In Bali, the Land of the Gods in an 8 day Intensive!

Brought to You by

Brought to You by

Best selling author of ‘Creating Sacred Union Within’ and ‘Creating Sacred Union in Partnerships’ 

With over half a million followers of her daily guidance


This event is for men & women; singles & couples

regardless of gender preference or identity


This is a Tantric Journey of Awakening… with no nudity or sexual practices



  • An awakening and embodiment of all the facets of the God and Goddess Within
  • A clearing of old stagnant energies in your chakra system (the cause of all karmic patterns & illness)
  • An activation of the inner caduceus: the meridians of the God / Goddess energy from the base to the crown
  • Insight into the strengths, weaknesses and lessons of each Chakra archetype
  • An activation of kundalini & intuition in the central channel of your nervous system
  • Light body upgrade for multi-orgasmic and multi-dimensional lovemaking
  • Access to higher states of consciousness, bliss, oneness and clarity without toxins or side effects
  • An experience of being seen and accepted for all aspects of your authentic self in a safe space of brotherly / sisterly love

Your 8 Day Ascension Journey Aligns With Ophiuchus, the

Constellation of the Awakened Man & Includes…

Guided Meditations To Meet Your Chakra Gods & Goddesses

Each day you will be led through an inner journey using creative visualisation to meet the both the inner God and Goddess who govern each chakra and create an inner union between them, promoting balance or your feminine and masculine expression on all levels! By working at the level of the subconscious mind we transform any unconscious belief patterns which have limited the full expression of your divine embodiment.​

Trance Dance To Embody Your Chakra Gods & Goddesses

Each day you will be invited to express each of these inner aspects in a soul directed movement practice. This is an opportunity to shift latent energies the body has been holding; emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically – allowing it to be expressed spontaneously through freeform movement. Once these stagnant energies are released, we expand into the totality of ourselves and experience a heightened state of consciousness.

Transformative Processes to Empower Each Chakra God & Goddess

You will be personally facilitated through deeply transformative experiential processes by Tanishka who has over 20 years experience, facilitating groups to safely raise their kundalini step-by-step by consciously integrating each of the archetypes that govern the chakras.These processes include private self enquiry questions and powerful activities in pairs & small groups that create connection & profound healing. 

Mythic Storytelling & Archetypal Wisdom Teachings

Every day you will hear the stories of the 7 Chakra Gods and Goddesses that we play out in our lives! This enables us to identify limiting patterns of behaviour and choices to empower every aspects within our psyche. You’ll learn how to embody each of their strengths, temper their weaknesses & reclaim aspects that have been disowned or repressed. When all these aspects are consciously understood & integrated we can connect on all levels with partners to create soul fulfilling relationships.

Daily Kundalini Yoga

These wake up sessions will activate the life force in each of your energy centres through joyful kriyas (active yoga postures) suitable for all fitness levels, devotional heart prayers of intent sung as Sankrit mantras, pranayama (sacred breath practices) and shaking to clear energy blocks. Followed by silent meditation to centre & connect you with your inner guru (teacher). 

Sacred Sound Healing with Mudras, Mantras and Sacred Instruments

We start our journey with a night of sound healing to open the light body. We then open the keys of each energy centre using Sanskrit toning to climb up the inner Tree of Life and words of power to affirm the highest truth at each gate. This dispels the illusions of the mind which have inhibited true self expression at each of the 7 gates. This will be accompanied by daily teachings to balance polarities of light and dark, the Tree of Knowledge in each energy centre. 

Sacred Art Mandalas

To integrate each of the 7 faces of your inner God / Goddess you will create a Yantra; a series of chakra mandalas to clear your channel and unify opposite polarities within each chakra. 

Sacred Ceremonies

We also use the power of sacred ceremony to integrate your inner shifts as you clear dysfunctional patterns within each of the 7 energy gates & anchor the strengths of each archetype. These are uplifting processes that align you with your true essence so you experience a state of divine communion with all aspects of your psyche (Soul).

Your Daily Alchemical Transformation Will Be Supported By…

♥ Temple Anointments with Sacred Oil to Open & Align Your Chakra Spin Rate

♥ Auric Cleansing using Chakra Aromatherapy and Crystal Vibrational Essences

♥ Tree of Life Meditation within a Crystalline Temple of Light

♥ Chakra Juice Elixirs with Ormus (monotomic gold)

♥ Sun Eating practice at Dawn and Dusk

♥ Balinese massage to ground your energy

♥ Organic meals made with fresh locally sourced seasonal produce


And we celebrate the completion of our journey with…

A Cacao ceremony with Kirtan to open the higher heart of devotional love!

A Cacao ceremony with Kirtan to open the higher heart of devotional love!

‘When we awaken the inner rainbow bridge we become a clear conduit to anchor Heaven on Earth’ 


And there are both Residential & Non-Residential Options available!

About Your Facilitators

Tanishka. Retreat Leader

Tanishka began channelling ancient wisdom teachings & facilitating kundalini awakening practices after she experienced her kundalini awakening in 1997 as part of a year’s sabbatical off the grid where she was initiated into the sacred feminine wisdom tradition. She then started intuitively downloading a system of teachings and practices that evolved into workshops, retreats, books, CD’s and oracle decks.  Her inaugural Rainbow Bridge retreat launched in 2013 with 18 men and women of all ages who found the experience life-changing!  Best known as Facebook’s ‘Moon Woman’ Tanishka is the author of 5 books. She has trained women in 44 countries to facilitate women’s circles, has featured in numerous magazines & festivals worldwide and in 2017 released her latest book, ‘Goddess Wisdom’ & a Goddess Wisdom online course for Hay House.

Sophie. Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Sophie Sôfrēē is a beloved resident Kundalini Yoga teacher at the renowned Yoga Barn in Ubud, as well as an ecstatic dance DJ and sacred mandala artist. Originally from Singapore, she followed synchronicity and her heart’s calling to Bali, where she now resides and thrives. No matter the creative medium, whether teaching a yoga class, DJ’ing ecstatic dance, or guiding her mandala art workshops, Sophie’s offerings are all profoundly beautiful journeys, guiding participants through a continuous unfolding of creativity, gratitude and presence, ultimately tapping into our innate divinity. She has taught at transformational festivals worldwide including BaliSpirit, Being Festival, SoulScape, Bhakti Yoga Summer, Sound & Silence, and Obonjan Island Festival.

What Others Say About This Experience…

“Tanishka is so grounded in the way she facilitates, so natural and so awesome and makes you feel like you’re human!”

Graeme Day

“For me this has been about connection, its been about remembering who I am, understanding more the divine masculine and feminine and that journey to self expression and oneness.”

Kim Thompson

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“Tanishka flows with her information and throws in some humour and is very quick at what comes through for her and interpreting that she disseminates so much information and it’s enjoyable.”

Jack Miller

“I got to come home… theres nothing else to say, phenomenally got to sink into myself and come home!”

Lucy Proud

Choose From These Payment Options


Shanti/Shakti Rooms (per person twin share) SOLD OUT


Option One:  Make one upfront payment of $2122 (Save $200!)

Option Two: Make 3 x mthly payments of $774 (available until October 8)


Heaven Room (per person triple share)

Option One:  Make one upfront payment of $1999 (Save $200!)

Option Two: Make 3 x mthly payments of $733 (available until October 8)


Earth Room (per person quad share)

Option One:  Make one upfront payment of $1875 (Save $200!)

Option Two: Make 3 x mthly payments of $692 (available until October 8)


Non-Residential (includes daily breakfast after yoga, mid-morning juice & lunch)

Option One:  Make one upfront payment of $1248 (Save $200!)

Option Two: Make 3 x mthly payments of $482 (available until October 8)


Note: All payments are in USD & converted automatically into your currency at the checkout. Secure credit card payments made via Paypal or Stripe don’t require Paypal / Stripe membership. 

This event has been very popular previously and places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment!

Your Daily Retreat Schedule

Dec 9

Complimentary Spa treatment on arrival before 4pm (for residential participants)

4.00 – 6.00pm Welcome Circle & Orientation

6.00pm – 7.30pm Welcome Dinner

7.30pm – 8.30pm Sound Healing

Dec 10 – 17

6.00am – 6.15am Sun Eating (Optional Private Practice)

6.15am – 7.45am Kundalini Yoga & Pranayama

7.45am – 9.00am Breakfast & Showers

9.00am – 9.30am Auric Cleanse & Anointing

9.30am – 11.00am Guided Meditation / Art Therapy / Dance of Embodiment

11.00am – 11.15am Chakra Elixir with Ormus

11.15am – 12.00pm Satsang (Teachings) with Tanishka

12.00pm – 1.00pm Processes to Empower the Daily Chakra God & Goddess

1.00pm – 2.00pm Lunch

2.00pm – 2.30pm Yantra Mandala, Mudra & Mantra

2.30pm – 3.30pm Processes to Empower the Daily Chakra God & Goddess

3.30pm – 4.30pm Sacred Ceremony

4.30pm – 6.00pm free time to journal / swim / socialise / relax & integrate

6.00pm – 7.30pm Dinner

7.30 – 9.00pm Kirtan & Ecstatic Dance (Dec 16 only)

Dec 17

7.00am-8.00 Breakfast

8.00am – 9.30am Breathwork

9.30am – 11.00am Closing Circle

Travel Info

We start our program at 4pm Dec 9 with a Welcome Circle & orientation, followed by dinner & sound healing so inbound flights need to arrive no later than 1pm local time to allow time to clear customs & travel to the retreat centre, which is a 90 min drive providing a fascinating window into Balinese life & the beauty of the land. Aim to arrive early to enjoy one of your complementary spa treatments on arrival or a refreshing swim. When you’ve booked your fights, email us your itinerary so we can arrange for you to be picked up from the airport & driven to Ubud to make your arrival hassle free. (This service is included in the price!) We finish our retreat program at 11am (Indonesian time) on Dec 17 so book your return flight to leave Denpasar airport anytime from 2pm onwards to allow ample time for travel to the airport & international check-in.

For further travel advice

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