Want to awaken the essence and power of the sacred masculine?

Experience an ancient rite of passage to the 7 facets of the God within

What is a Rainbow Warrior?

The Whirling rainbow prophecy speaks of the ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’ – people of all colours & creeds who heal conflict within to create a new world of justice, peace, and freedom

It’s time to awaken the power of the Rainbow Warrior

through mystic initiation to activate the rainbow serpent within

This is the path of the awakened man who transcends the quest for external power by awakening his inner power

The Masculine Rainbow Serpent is called Pingala

We awaken this meridian of bio-energy known as kundalini, by empowering the 7 masculine aspects that govern the 7 energy centres

This is the ancient path to healing and ascension which has been kept hidden and it’s symbol appropriated by the pharmaceutical industry




Liberate your full masculine expression


Do you feel you are not enough?

Are you constantly seeking external validation and approval?

 Men who don’t receive this initiation to discover the full spectrum of their manhood limit themselves by trying to live up to the models of manhood that they’ve been conditioned to emulate … so they behave like boys seeking approval instead of men who command admiration and respect.

It’s time to do something for yourself.


We are emerging from an era where men were pressured to conform to societal expectations that resulted in the oppression of the authentic masculine expression.

While there are more men exploring male archetypes as a framework to heal and empower their psyche…

These are usually limited to just 4 archetypes; the warrior, lover, king and magician…

This leaves missing pieces that prevents men from reclaiming the totality of their male power and identity.


How do we know we don’t have the full picture?



The human soul is multi-dimensional, comprised of both masculine and feminine polarities.

When a man activates all 7 masculine aspects he unlocks his masculine potential and feels complete.

So he doesn’t need external validation!

Without a map to embody all facets men seek approval…this disempowers men in relationships and in their careers


This 7 step program is designed to empower every facet of your male psyche, while activating the flow of energy from the base to the crown, resulting in:

  • personal empowerment
  • increased libido
  • heightened intuition
  • expanded awareness
  • magnetic charisma
  • enhanced creativity
  • ecstatic, multi-orgasmic states 

Here’s what men said about the online version of Rainbow Warrior

It was inspiring. Each archetype brought new revelations regarding my experiences growing as a  male both culturally and energetically. The intriguing practices and resources provided is a treasure chest of light. The groups were wonderfully midwifed. We shared across the planet about our beautiful multidimensional male-selves in community.

Dr Mark Gocke M.D. (USA)

Your Rainbow Warrior Retreat Schedule


Wild Man – Let out your ROAR and liberate your personal power by healing shame about your physical body and urges to feel truly alive, free and connected to your deepest passions.


Brave Warrior – Learn how to harness and direct your energy creatively instead of destructively so you don’t destroy yourself and those you love. while identifying your true values so you don’t feel like a rebel without a cause.


Noble Statesman – Identify your soul gifts and life purpose and awaken your courage and confidence to pursue your goals without inhibition or compromising your happiness to please others. 


Green Man – Discover how to align with the power of the natural cycles to awaken the good king who is heart-centred, kind and patient as your inner ally healing the negative self-talk of the punishing critical father.


Spiritual Teacher – Embrace gentleness as the greatest strength as you learn to embrace vulnerability with compassion and dignity. Discover the secret to true resilience and find your authentic voice as you learn to set boundaries and heal from past pain. 


The Magician – Learn how to tap your inner guidance and access innovative solutions to manifest your highest potential and the future of your wildest dreams by understanding the secret to inner alchemy and how to apply universal laws.


Zen Master – Access ecstatic states of consciousness without substances and experience Heaven on Earth through embodying and freely expressing all facets of yourself instead of polarising between concepts of good and bad and striving for perfection through abstinence, resulting in obsessional behaviours to avoid feelings of guilt. Learn to love like a God!


Course Facilitator &
Archetypal Teachings

Tanishka experienced a kundalini awakening in 1997 and has dedicated her life ever since to assisting others to activate their life force safely using the mythic archetypes as a map for liberating the soul’s full expression through each of the 7 major energy centres.

Loved as Facebook’s ‘Moon Woman’ with 470,000 followers of her daily lunar guidance blog, Tanishka’s a former stand-up comic turned author of six books on ancient wisdom teachings. These include how to understand and balance the masculine and feminine aspects that comprise our psyche. Tanishka is passionate about restoring the ancient rites of passage that empowered men before they were outlawed by empires like Rome. Initially she created various online programs for men, but in 2023 she received guidance to initiate men in person so the Rainbow Warrior online program will now be offered only as a retreat intensive. To find out more about the ancient rite of passage called, The Descent of Orpheus that the Rainbow Warrior program is based on read her latest book, The Grail

keynote speaker at conferences, summits and festivals, who has written for numerous magazines, she is currently touring the world offering free brotherhood circles and other free consciousness raising events as part of her Whirling Rainbow Tour

I enjoyed exploring each archetype of the human male psyche in depth as we worked through Tanishka’s user friendly course.

Each stage was supported by an international men’s circle via zoom. It was very humbling listening to each others experiences, it allowed us all to meet on common ground and become aware of the challenges that we all face in the collective.

Tanishka held the space for all of us throughout the mens circles, I found her to be supportive and have a sense of humour through real life stuff. A perfect mix!

I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to become more aware of themselves and would like to experience how it feels to be in sacred space.

Christopher (United Kingdom)

What’s Included 



These wake up sessions will activate your Shiva energy in each of your energy centres through joyful kriyas (active yoga postures) suitable for all fitness levels, devotional heart prayers of intent sung as Sankrit mantras, pranayama (sacred breath practices), shaking & freeform dance to wake up your prana (life force) & deep stillness meditation to centre you & connect you with your inner guru (teacher). 


Every day you will meet & journey with one of your 7 ‘Inner Gods’. These are the psychological aspects of the sacred masculine that map your masculine psyche! You will discover how to embody all your sacred masculine gifts and harness the strengths of each facet of your sacred masculine potential in your daily life. You’ll also gain understanding to heal those aspects & traits that you’ve disowned or suppressed. Knowledge is Power…so this initiation into the wisdom teachings of each archetype will fast track your personal self empowerment & transform how you see yourself as a man.

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations To Meet Each ARCHETYPE

Each day you will be led through an inner journey using creative visualisation to meet the faces of the sacred masculine within. By working at the level of the subconscious mind we transform unconscious belief patterns which have limited the full expression of your divine embodiment.​

Trance Dance

Trans-formation is accelerated through accessing trance states so we use the ancient warrior medicine of shamanic dance to clear blocks and embody the strengths of each aspect. This is an invitation to liberate your mind through releasing inhibition to expand into a heightened state of consciousness.

Trance Dance
Sacred Sound Healing

Healing with Mudras & Mantras

 Each day you will open and recalibrate the sacred geometries within your energy body using the healing power of ancient Sanskrit mantras. These will be accompanied by mudras; hand positions to open specific energy meridians to clear energetic blocks and promote the flow of energy at each inner dimensional gateway. We will then speak words of power to affirm the highest truth at each gate. This dispels the illusions of the mind which have inhibited true self expression at each of the 7 gates.

Sacred Ceremonies

Sacred Ceremony is an act of power which involves grounding an intention through conscious action. These are simple but powerful processes that will uplift and align you with your deepest truth enabling you to dissolve all separation & experience divine communion with the Self.

cacao drink


You will be personally facilitated through deeply transformative experiential processes by Tanishka who has 26 years experience as a group facilitator. These include fun & insightful activities individually, in pairs & groups which creates connection with oneself & deep bonds of brotherhood within our retreat group.

Yantra Mandalas

A yantra is a series of sacred art mandalas depicting the 7 chakras (energy centres). Sacred art is a gentle form of active meditation which we use to recalibrate each energy centre. We combine colour therapy with specific vibrational sound and sacred geometry to restore the original blueprint for optimal functioning.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage

To ensure you are sufficiently grounded before we start raising kundalini (important for those flying from other locations to attend) you will experience a deep relaxation massage to relieve sore muscles and melt aware tension and stress with one of our highly experienced massage therapists. 

Chakra Aromatherapy

Each day we cleanse our energy field with auric sprays created with a channelled blend of essential oils, crystal essence and infused with healing symbols to support the flow of energy within each of your 7 energy centres. We will also use alchemical oil to promote the flow of kundalini.


Your Daily Retreat Schedule

Retreat Dinner
Byron Bay
Retreat Dinner



Complimentary Spa treatment on arrival before 4pm

4.00 – 6.30pm Welcome Ceremony

7.30 – 9.00pm Welcome Dinner


9.00 – 10.00am Kundalini Yoga

10.00 – 10.30am Auric Cleanse & Anointing

10.30 – 11.30am Chakra Meditation / Art Therapy / Dance of Embodiment

11.30 – 12.30noon Satsang (Teachings) with Tanishka

12.30 – 1.30pm Processes to Empower the Daily Archetype

1.30 – 2.30pm Lunch Break

2.30 – 5.00pm Archetype Processes with Tanishka

5.00 – onwards  Free time to journal / swim / socialise / relax or have a spa treatment



5.00 – 7.00pm [Day  8] Closing Circle

7.30 – 9.00pm [Day  8] Celebration dinner

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