We’re currently experiencing a waning gibbous moon in Aquarius. (Meaning it’s still pretty full but the energy has started waning)

So…you may feel an aversion to attending to all of life’s mundane little details today. Why?

Aquarius calls us to reconnect with the BIG PICTURE – with what’s most important. That which ultimately inspires us to do what we do.

So if you’ve been working hard of late, or feeling burdened with responsibilities consider how you could take a break to enter the mystery of life again & reconnect with the synchronicity the Divine Plan is offering us if we take the time to notice. How?

By setting aside some designated time offline to have unscheduled time…ideally in nature or somewhere other than your everyday environment.

Visit a friend, do a house swap, take the kids to extended family or friends and bring your full presence to connect the symbolic meaning of the signs, symbols & coincidences which restore our faith that all is well & unfolding exactly as it should. Our only job is to stay present enough to follow the clues rather than impose our agenda.

Blessings on your day,

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