The moon is still waning in Pisces so this is a time for healing on an emotional & psychic level…regardless of our personal sign.

So if someone or a past experience keeps popping into your thoughts, take a moment to close your eyes & allow yourself to ponder why.

You may find old hurt feelings surface to be released or you gain insight which helps you make your peace & feel grateful for the understanding that experience taught you.

The more we work with our psyche in this way, embracing what surfaces instead of denying it with distractions the more integrated & whole we feel – which is the lesson of this final sign on the astrological wheel…something we get to practice each month when the moon moves through this sign for 2.5 days.

If we don’t make the time we resolve the past we repeat it with more pronounced consequences…learning through karma instead of self-reflection which is a slow & painful way to learn.

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