Experience an up close and personal intensive with Tanishka, The Moon Woman

Her signature sell out retreats are available via private booking. 

“Best retreat I’ve ever been to. Enriching, fun & so much more. Made some of the best friendships ever out of this retreat..”

Gloria Withers, Australia


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Women’s Retreat


A 3 day event for women to deep dive into their shadow, the unconscious wounds of their feminine psyche to heal and integrate their feminine power in a spirit of sisterhood while gaining insight & strategies to honour their cyclic nature 


“Tanishka is more than a facilitator; she is a woman and leader of authentic truth who honours all who cross her path.
To be guided by her is a miraculous experience which will, if you allow it, show you a personal strength you had no previous comprehension of.”

Bronwyn Auty, Australia


Women’s Retreat


An 8-day event for women to empower every facet of their feminine expression by understanding & empower the 7 Goddess archetypes that govern the chakras to awaken kundalini energy, the essence of the Goddess within.


“The Inner Goddess Retreat has definitely changed my life, and I can’t thank you enough for the best week I’ve ever had. My soul needed this so much..”

Josephine Bloomfield, USA


Men & Women’s Retreat


A 8-day event for men & women to create the inner marriage of God/Goddess within by meeting & balancing the 7 faces of the feminine & masculine that govern the chakras to awaken kundalini energy via the twin serpent meridians, Ida & Pingala


“You will understand yourself so much better.”

Tina, South Africa

“I’ve learned how to open my heart and listen to it.”

Sarah, Spain


Tanishka The Moon Woman Grail Kingship Rites

Men’s Retreat


A 9 day event for men to experience a powerful initiation over the Winter Solstice to access their sacred sovereign power. This was the annual rite of passage that was once know as the Holy Grail.


“Everyone I know would benefit from coming to this retreat”

Joseph, USA

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