The moon has just moved into Aries, the sign associated with the God of War.
So when the moon moves through this sign our challenge is to apply right action so we don’t instigate or escalate conflict.
It’s not uncommon for us tested during moon in Aries by someone who is aggressive, selfish or immature so is unable to equally consider the needs & feelings of others.
Similarly, we may experience some kid of injustice that spurs us on to take action – creatively rather than destructively to create a better world.
So if someone piques your ire today, resist the urge of the small self to fire up and launch an attack fuelled with your own self-righteous rage – instead look for the opportunity to channel your energy into responding in a way you can be proud of & you will be making a difference in the world.
Blessings on your day,
For those of you in Australia, I’m gearing up for my first Australian speaking tour in 4 years & I’d love to meet as many of you in my community as possible face to face!