Rites of Passage


Learn How To Empower Yourself
& Other Women
Through All Life Stages & Transitions

Enrolment is open to graduates of

Red Tent (Magdalene Facilitator Training Level 1)



Level 2 Red Tent Training
Created & Facilitated by Tanishka The Moon Woman

We’re reclaiming our Feminine Rites of Passage!

Facilitated by best selling author Tanishka, with over 20 years experience initiating women of all ages through their milestones.

This is a special opportunity to learn how to mentor girls & women of all ages through their life transitions & create beautiful ceremonies to celebrate all of our feminine milestones. For family & friends or women in your local community.

What You Will Learn

ACCESS INSIGHTFUL GUIDANCE – discover how to embrace every life phase & age with grace & self-assurance … for your own personal growth or to mentor others
CREATE SACRED CEREMONIES – learn how to create meaningful & empowering ceremonies to celebrate every stage of our feminine journey
ASTROLOGICAL TRANSITS – learn how astrological transits influence our life transitions & how to harness the power of each celestial transit
FACILITATE GRACEFUL TRANSITIONS – learn how to navigate the bridge into each phase so the transition is graceful & empowered
MAGDALENE MYSTERIES INITIATION – activate the full power of your Grail codes through enriching your womb wisdom during each successive life transition.

Transition Gracefully

Imagine having the support of sisterhood & women’s wisdom to help you navigate turning 40 or life changes like becoming a mum, divorce or menopause…

To transition gracefully from one life phase to the next we need to understand each phase so we can fully embrace it.

We resist growth when we don’t understand it… so many women fear the ageing process & cling to their youth instead of claiming their full power as women.

Fortunately things are changing…

I discussed with my daughter last night about the ceremony she took part in, and I asked her what is one thing you took away from the ceremony, and she said, I no longer fear my period. So that’s really empowering and I’m so grateful for that.

Lee-Anne Garber

‘I would highly recommend this course, to anybody that feels that they’re a leader and they want to help sisters to go through the transitions in their lives, the big milestones that we so greatly need the support for. So anyone who’s feeling the call to work with women, anyone who’s feeling the call to lead the way as a spiritual midwife for the sisterhood.’Kristen Murray

I would not just recommend this course, I feel like every woman, every girl, every body whose a female should do this course, because it’s just not about this course, I think it’s much bigger than that, its part of a movement that’s happening right now with more and more women awakening and moving in a direction where we’re going to change the consciousness and change the paradigm.

Lunna Pergay

The Invitation…

Women everywhere are heeding the call to take action by reclaiming our lost culture of sacred wisdom teachings & customs. This grassroots movement is creating positive widespread global change. So if you feel called… this is your invitation to make a difference!”



Rites of Passage

What’s Included In This Training

Module 1: The Basics

Why it’s time to Reclaim Feminine Rites of Passage
The Power of Ritual
The Magdalene: The Role of the Ceremonial Priestess
Ceremonial Attire & Crystals
Personal Demeanour & Preparation for Holding Space
Ceremony Preparation

Module 2: The Maiden

Correspondences for Representing the Maiden in Ceremony
Kundalini Shifts during the Maiden Phase
Feminine Archetypes encountered during the Maiden Phase
The Blood Rite of Menarche
The Astrological Transits of the Maiden phase

Module 3: The Mother

Correspondences for Representing the Mother in Ceremony
Kundalini Shifts during the Mother Phase
Feminine Archetypes encountered during the Mother Phase
The Blood Rite of Birth
The Astrological Transits of the Mother phase*

*irrespective of biological children

Module 4: The Mage

Correspondences for Representing the Mage in Ceremony
Kundalini Shifts during the Mage Phase
Feminine Archetypes of the Mage Phase
The Blood Rite of Peri-Menopause
The Astrological Transits of the Mage Phase

Module 5: The Crone

Correspondences for Representing the Crone in Ceremony
Kundalini Shifts during the Crone Phase
Feminine Archetypes encountered during the Crone Phase
The Blood Rite of Moon Pause
The Astrological Transits of the Crone Phase

Also Includes

Herbal Wisdom For Every Life Stage
Kerri Alexander has been a practicing naturopath and medical herbalist for over 15 years & has been involved in the Red Tent women’s movement since completing Tanishka’s Red Tent online training in 2013. In addition to facilitating the Hornsby Red Tent in Sydney, Australia & her own naturopathic practice, assisting women to regulate their hormones & honour the seasons of their fertility & life cycles she has since done extensive training with MinMia, an indigenous elder, healer & carrier of Wirradirri lore learning sacred women’s business, traditional rites of passage & indigenous herbal medicine.. She is passionate about herbal medicine and delights in how scientific trials are validating what traditional herb lore has always taught.

‘I absolutely recommend this course! If you’re considering it and you’re not sure, do it! It changes your life, and it changes it for the better. You can’t be in better hands than with Tanishka and her content, and the amount of compassion she has for you as a participant is huge.’

Kate Pilcher

I had reservations about the training because I thought it was the work of elder women, wise women. It’s been affirming to really feel, believe, that I have a gift and that I can offer it, that I’m worthy of it. If there’s something yearning inside you, a calling, something drawing you, then this is for you.

Jen Elmers

‘I fully recommend this course to anyone who wants to take a deeper look at themselves, whether they want to hold sister circles or not, to have a better relationship with themselves, and therefore have a better relationship with their sisters, their partners, their children, anyone.’

Michelle Gorman

Why Do This Course?

Ancient cultures honoured the cyclic wisdom of the feminine so women were guided & supported to grow gracefully to fulfil their feminine potential in each life phase.

For Europeans this tradition stopped during the Roman empire when feminine wisdom customs were outlawed.

Many of the modern day problems which plague us as women can be addressed by ensuring we have access to this sacred birth right.

Returning Our Rites

Without adequate mentoring & initiations women make disempowered choices & experience inner conflict & shame.

This results in dysfunction on all levels including:


• Body image issues, comfort eating, yo yo dieting & eating disorders

• Dependence on substances as a coping mechanism

• Lack of feminine identity & empowerment resulting self-negating choices

• Women’s health issues resulting in 30,000 hysterectomies in Australia each year

• Anxiety & Depression

• Infertility

• Postnatal depression

• Mid-life crises & fear of ageing

‘Every single woman on this planet needs to know this stuff! This is ancient wisdom and knowing, there’s gold in this information, it’s remembering our lives and who we are and giving ourselves permission to honour every cell in our body, and every body that crosses our path, and we need that, our planet needs that!.’

Chris Julian

‘I would absolutely recommend this to everybody! I think that the work that Tanishka’s doing in gifting us these ceremonies and ancient rites, which are women’s rights in a different sense, is necessary for the planet, necessary for us women, necessary for our men, and necessary for our children so I would highly recommend anyone who is feeling called to do this work but also that is ready to show up and be the beacon of resurrection for women.’

Nui Wicks

‘Of course I recommend this course, from the bottom of my heart. Who would I recommend it to? All women, women who want a better world for our future generations, who want to make a difference in this world, anyone ready to step up and be a change maker!’

Marie Zonruiter

Training Resources

Your Online Training Includes…
VIDEO TUTORIALS ~Hear Tanishka share insights that demystify the lessons we encounter during each life stage & transition.
MAGAZINE STYLE ARTICLES ~ Receive a comprehensive feminine Rites of Passage Facilitator Training Manual delivered as easy to read magazine style articles.
POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS ~ Each instructional video is accompanied by an entertaining slideshow as a visual aid.
VIDEO TRANSCRIPTS ~ Transcripts for all video tutorials are provided to assist those whose for whom English is a second language.
READING LISTS ~ In addition to the hours of course content you’ll receive recommendations for reference books to further develop your feminine wisdom.
CEREMONIAL WISDOM ~ The course includes footage of Tanishka facilitating 5 rite of passage ceremonies so you can observe step-by-step the ceremonies for each life transition in a woman’s life.
CERTIFICATION ~ Upon your course completion you will also receive certification for your Rites of Passage training.

Your Facilitator

Tanishka The Moon Woman
Tanishka was initiated in 1996 into feminine wisdom teachings & practices. She is now a best selling author of 5 books. Her recent book, GODDESS WISDOM, published by Hay House,  has been acclaimed by readers & critics alike & named one of the Top 10 inspirational books for women by Aspire magazine.

Tanishka began training rites of passage facilitators in 2005 after years of creating & conducting rites of passage ceremonies for women of all ages including Budding Maiden ceremonies, Menarche puberty rites, Moon Time Awakening Ceremonies, Goddess Bridal Showers, Belly Blessings, Act of Power ceremonies & Wise Woman ceremonies.

Her personal study & practice of women’s traditions was further enhanced by case studies in her private sessions with women for 12 years where she identified patterns they corresponded with key astrological transits. These days she only conducts private ceremonies for friends & family so this is a rare opportunity to personally train with her & receive the benefit of her depth of experience as a wisdom keeper of the cycles.

Rites of Passage

Tanishka Speaks About This Training

‘I would recommend this to anybody, I would say every woman needs to do it, but I think if you’ve got a knowing inside yourself that something’s missing or there’s something you should be doing, this is probably it!’

Melissa Harty

 would recommend to all age groups, because it creates community, it creates understanding of all the different stages, and I think it helps the younger understand the older better and have more compassion and work with them instead of against them.

Louise Schultz

I would recommend this teaching not only to women who would love to facilitate this work but also to women who would love to learn about the rites and to heal themselves no matter where they are on their journey. I know I did this course to heal myself.

Margitt Royce 

Who’s This Training For?

• Women who run women’s circles & events, such as Red Tents & want to continue their professional development.

• Counsellors / art therapists who work with women to gain more insight into the feminine psyche & experience.

• Celebrants who want to extend their services to include milestone ceremonies for women.

• Women who enjoy creating birthday parties & celebrations of all kinds.

• Women who feel called to support girls & women of all ages.

• Women who are passionate about community building as a pathway to increase women’s health & well being on all levels.

Haven’t done the Red Tent course yet? 

We’ve got you covered, registrations for the Red Tent facilitator course are now open see below for our bundle offer
Tax deductible as a professional development training


Praise For Rites Of Passage
‘Do it! It Changes Your Life!’

Kate Pilcher

‘Change the Paradigm’

Lunna Pergay

‘I’d recommend to all age groups’

Louise Schultz

‘To heal another part of myself’

Margitt Royce

‘Beneficial for any woman’

Kirsten Barnett Brown

‘Helping us on so many levels’

Anne Paysac

The loss of these Rites Of Passage have resulted in a fear of aging that disempowers women.


Words of Appreciation

From Women Who Have Experienced These Ceremonies
‘Yvonne’s 60th Awakening – what a glorious experience all round. It filled my heart til it overflowed with an aura of Goddess girly love!’ ~ Cam

‘Thank-you so much for such a beautiful ceremony. The bride felt beautiful, relaxed & loved – just what we hoped for!’ ~ Mel

‘Thank-you so much for my wonderful wise woman ritual day. As a rite of passage it couldn’t have been better. It so put me in touch with my power again & I’ve been floating ever since. You are a Goddess!!!’


‘Thank-you so much for an absolutely fabulous Goddess Hen’s extravanganza. We all appreciated all the thought & effort that went into providing a wonderful bonding experience for a group of girls who didn’t all know each other. Your sense of humour & gentle education was a bonus too.’

Helen & Janna

‘Tanishka, it was an honour to meet you & be part of the ceremony on Sunday. For the first time I felt safe to embrace my sacred femininity. Thank-you for creating this space.’


‘Had a wonderful night! never been to a Hen’s party like this – it was great! Thanks’


‘Absolutely the best & most interesting ‘hen’s night’ I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in. Thank-you’


‘I’ve spoken to all the women & everyone was blown away! Everyone had a ball’


‘Brilliant Hen’s! Beats a smokey, noisy, stink pub – even picked up a few new ideas for my 35 year old marriage! Highly recommend!’


‘I love what you did at my friend’s Elder woman ceremony. Your humour was delightful & it was a great reminder for all of us elderwomen.’


‘Thank-you so much for a fantastic Hen’s Night. Just the right mix of humour & deep & meaningful stuff. I loved every moment.’


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Rites of Passage Facilitator Training


Rites of Passage is a Level Two Red Tent training so all applicants are asked to first complete Tanishka’s Red Tent Facilitator online course to ensure all have a thorough foundation in group facilitation techniques, how to create sacred space, energetic preparation, boundaries & much more.

*Please Note: You will receive access to each module according to which plan you select.

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This course is a Level Two Red Tent training so all applicants are asked to first complete Tanishka’s Red Tent Facilitator online course to ensure all have a thorough foundation in group facilitation techniques, how to create sacred space, energetic preparation, boundaries & much more.

Find out more about the level 1 Magdaline training, The Red Tent facilitator self-study course  here.


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