The moon is now waning in Taurus so this is a day to slow down & be good to your body.
So consider gifting your body with some gentle exercise, such as a walk in nature or gentle stretching to ambient trance music…
& perhaps follow that up with a shared meal, dining al fresco in your garden with some organic wine to really indulge your senses & unwind.
And maybe a massage or love making in the late afternoon!
If none of that is possible, attune your observations to notice moments of beauty in the every day & don’t push yourself to go faster than feels comfortable.
And if you can spare 5 mins, send your heart light into the heart of the Mother beneath your feet to let her know you are truly grateful for all that she gifts us freely.
Here’s a lovely video about the sacredness of woman & nature that was shared with me yesterday by a sister…perfect timing with the moon in Taurus (the Earth Mother / Aphrodite) & sun in Virgo (seeing ourselves as sacred vessels). Enjoy!
Blessings on your day,

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