Sacred Union & the Holy Grail

Revealed: The Greatest Mystery of All Time

Discover the most potent secret of all time, the Holy Grail from the perspective of the sacred feminine!

With this 2 hour LIVE presentation by Tanishka you will discover what bestselling books, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ & ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ overlooked…

& has delighted & entertained audiences around the world!

‘Do whatever it takes to see her!’

In This Presentation You Will Also Discover

  • How the natural cycles impact our stress levels and relationships & how to align with them
  • Why the Holy Grail was conducted at Yule to initiate men into kingship 
  • Why Jesus was persecuted – the secret knowledge he was protecting
  • The truth about the Magdalene and why she was misrepresented
  • Understanding the parable of The Fisher King and how to heal the wounded masculine

Inspirational! Brilliant!’

‘Her insights are dazzling!’

‘Very Informative’

‘The pieces of the puzzle that were missing have come together.’

 Watch this trailer to find out more!

‘Extraordinary! That was amazing! I’ve shifted stuff already.’

Available as a double DVD disc set or MP4 Download

This is your chance to hear and own Tanishka’s explosive revelations about The Holy Grail!

Order yours today!

Grail DVD


2 disc DVD set: ‘Sacred Union and the Holy Grail’ An entertaining and insightful 2 hour presentation which reveals the truth about this ancient mystery.

Option One – Purchase as DVD for $17 USD

Option Two – Purchase as Digital Download for  $8.85 USD


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