How balanced is your masculine side?

The soul is comprised of both masculine & feminine energies. For us to function well & create harmonious relationships we need to empower all aspects.

In this recorded LIVE interactive workshop for men and women you’ll discover how empowered each facet of your masculine expression is

wanna know How?

Join me for a fun & interactive quiz to meet each of the masculine aspects that govern the 7 energy centres, known as chakras. 

Simply register below to receive the link to join and a workbook to complete as we journey the 7 masculine archetypes. 

Register below to discover what shape your inner masculine is in!  


A Sacred Warrior is one who takes action to heal, empower and balance the opposite polarities within  

Join us to honour the light of the SACRED MASCULINE THAT LIVES IN US ALL!

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Step One.

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Step Two.

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Step Three.

Join us on the day with your workbook and a pen

Watch Tanishka Speak About This Event


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Tanishka has over 25 years experience facilitating empowering events for women. An author of 6 books, she has assisted men and women to activate their sacred power, known as kundalini, via initiation courses and retreats around the world. She is best known as The Moon Woman with over 474,000 followers of her intuitive guidance.


Praise for Tanishka’s Work

The work that Tanishka’s doing is necessary for the planet, necessary for us women, necessary for our men, and necessary for our children so I would highly recommend anyone who is feeling called to do this work

Nui (New Zealand)

I would say Tanishka’s training is healing us on so many levels and bringing us back to that ancient sacred path.”

Anne (France)

So much knowledge that I can use in my day-to-day life…you exceeded my expectations and it’s something that I really will value for the rest of my life.

Rik (Australia) 

Tanishka has helped me to step consciously into my life. She is a wise woman…teaching the ancient skills needed to face the challenges that come with being an awake, authentic, and alive man on this planet today. I remain eternally grateful.

Mark (USA)

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