The moon is still waning in Aries, so be mindful of also considering the needs of others today as Aries moon can cause us to get easily frustrated if our needs aren’t the priority.
Being the first sign of the zodiac our inner child can come out when the moon moves through this sign. So pay attention to whether it’s your wounded or magical child who responds.
For example, if you experienced trauma as a child growing up in a household dynamic where you didn’t feel safe, loved & validated for who you truly are there’s a higher chance of your trauma being triggered when the moon moves through Aries.
That’s a high percentage of us, given the personal development movement has since grown exponentially since many of us were young.
As an adult our job is to protect our inner child. To do that, know your triggers & you’ll minimise the risk of an over-reaction based on unhealed trauma responses. For example:
– get enough sleep
– eat regularly
– don’t engage with those incapable of honouring personal boundaries or those who seek to dominate others with intimidation tactics such as mocking, put down’s, brute force or implied threats
– identify those incapable of honouring their word and minimise your exposure to them
– don’t place any expectation on anyone whose first commitment is to a substance or destructive behaviour
And take responsibility for healing trauma with modalities such as TRE (trauma release exercises) & EFT (emotional freedom technique) and support your nervous system with acupuncture & supplements like magnesium & B vitamins.
Blessings on your day,
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