I’ve been getting this persistent nudge to remind you of this pivotal event taking place in the next 24 hours, wherever you’re located.

I see this as a birthing of the New Earth energies so felt to share a few suggestions to attune to it as global midwives.

I’m holding ceremony here in Bali in my home for 20+ brothers & sisters at dawn…when the electromagnetic field of the Earth Mother is amplified and the veils between the dimensions thin (also at dusk).

I felt to share with you some of the elements and how to DIY those in your own home…

Step 1. Prepare your channel by listening to the Shakti Activation Meditation on my Chakra Workout MP4 album

Step 2. Tone your chakras as you listen to the Chakra Toning track on the same album (pronounced AH)

base: lam

sacral: vam

Solar plexus: ram

heart: yam

throat: ham

third eye: om

crown: aum

Step 3: Dance up the energy of the Rainbow Serpent (the Shakti life force within the Earth Mother) & within our collective World Soul. You may like to dance to this track

Alternatively, a sister of mine, Henrietta Goethe-Ellis is leading an online event to support this activation from Uluru, the global solar plexus in central Australia. For more info and to participate in this event go here

To keep your spirits high and help raise the collective energy I also recommend singing along to the track, Tribal People when driving 🙂

If you missed my latest video about this event, click here to watch

Or if you’re time short, here’s an excerpt

When the serpents rise, the people rise!

Blessings and love,