In this FREE Goddess Video Series, you will learn:


  • How to awaken your feminine essence
  • Why yoga is not the path for activating Shakti (Goddess mojo)
  • The secret to creating health, wellbeing and longevity
  • The truth about why we’ve been taught to fear serpents 
  • How to attract your soul mate


About Tanishka, host of this video series…

  • Followed by half a million for her daily guidance as The Moon Woman
  • Author of five books, including Goddess Wisdom published by Hay House and listed in Aspire magazine’s Top 10 Books for Women
  • A leader in the global Red Tent movement, her online training course has taught women in 44 countries
  • Named as the inaugural rising star of UK magazine, Soul and Spirit, she’s a popular speaker for conferences and festivals around the world & has been featured in various national magazines

Praise for Tanishka

Tanishka is an inspiration to me and all the women who are ready to step into their power


As a young woman in a society that is obsessed with youth and beauty, it is refreshing to learn of ancient women’s wisdom that is both empowering and relevant to women today


An extremely riveting & enlightening experience from which I left feeling so empowered & alive.  I had no knowledge that a Goddess lay dormant within until Tanishka’s work revived her & revealed the pure essence of being a woman.


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