Self Love 'Goddess Style' 21 Day Program

Self Love: Goddess Style

Learn to honour yourself every day in every way

Every woman transforms into a Goddess when she sees herself as a divine vessel & honours herself accordingly.

​This 21 day digital program gives you daily inspirational tutorials to fill your cup with kindness & self care 

Are You Feeling Depleted?


You’re not alone.

Life can feel like a constant struggle when our relationship with ourselves is toxic.


Inner Critic In the Driver’s Seat?


When our prime motivation is coming from our inner critic, we either

  • ​’over-do’ to the point of burn out or
  • ‘under-do’ to avoid criticism

Neither way is balanced or sustainable

So What’s the Answer?

Lead With Your Heart

The only way to transform such dysfunctional patterns of behaviour is through developing Self Love. 

So how do we do that? 

Through questioning our behaviours & anchoring positive incremental change through daily actions.  

Seize the Day!

Recognising how we can be our own worst enemy is the moment we take our power back.

Then we need an action plan to implement positive change.

That’s why I’ve created this 21 day program…

To provide you with daily inspiration, motivation & empowering perspectives to transform your relationship with yourself so your needs get met & you feel happier, more relaxed & healthier!

What Your 21 Day Program Includes

  • Practical suggestions to make self honouring choices
  • Insights to identify dishonouring behaviours
  • Inspiration to see yourself with more compassion
  • A daily ‘Call to Action’ to ensure step-by-step positive change
  • A daily message from different aspects of your inner Goddess

Gift yourself or someone you care about

21 days of loving kindness

& watch them BLOOM!

Register today for just $39.99 USD

& receive instant access to your first self-care package – direct to your inbox! 

The 21 day Self Love Goddess Style


Receive daily messages direct to your inbox with practical suggestions to create a positive relationship with the most important in your life – YOU!








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