When the moon’s in a water sign it often rains so if it rains in your neck of the woods embrace it for the cleansing it offers as well as time to connect with our feminine side by doing more inward & gentle activities.

The Irish, who are a culture unafraid of the feminine embrace overcast days, calling them ‘soft days’ which I love.

Just the sound of rain helps to soothe our nerves which can be easily set on edge when the moon moves through one of the three water signs (Cncer, Scorpio or Pisces) & with the sun also in a water sign (Cancer) you may feel more sensitive or emotional than usual.

So try to avoid over stimulating your nervous system with artificial light or food additives or you could end up nursing a migraine – an ailment more common when the moon is in Pisces. Why? This transit evokes the inner wise woman, Hecate who governs our third eye energy centre – the doorway to the inner worlds.

If you do suffer migraines this is a flag indicating you need more ‘down time’ to go inward by minimising external stimulus & distractions.

Pisces moon is also a great time to spend some time near a body of water or submerge in a bath or foot bath to unwind.

Blessings on your day,

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This great photo is used with thanks to Faboart.com

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