Today Mercury goes retrograde so for the next 3 weeks be very mindful in all communications, especially regarding travel plans or IT matters to avoid possible confusion.
This is however a great time for communication between our higher & lower mind. So consider making time to create a bridge between the two by invoking your Higher mind for guidance in meditation or automatic writing.
You can do this by writing a question to your higher mind at the top of the page & then just write whatever flows forth in response…even if you start by writing your grocery list just to clear the frontal lobe ‘white noise’ until higher insights start to flow.
The moon is still waxing in Taurus so this is a day to immerse yourself in the colours that sing to you soul. Whether that’s painting, wearing or eating those colours.
Each colour carries a vibration & the ones we’re drawn to at a specific time are complementary for what’s lacking in our energy field or what we’re ready to integrate more of.
Play with the colour that calls your soul. Try giving it a sound, a funny voice or personality traits. Why?
Taurus evokes the sensual child within us. In our culture we confuse sensuality with sexuality & so our innocent sensual self gets neglected which creates an urge to binge on acceptable forms of sensual enjoyment such as eating & drinking…there is a whole world of sensual delights just waiting for us to notice the simple pleasures in taking time to smell the rain and the Earth and walk on soft grass bare foot. Today is that day!
Blessings on you & yours, however you spend it,

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