The moon is now waxing in Aquarius, ready for tomorrow’s full moon.
Since the full moon is a 3 day zenith, chances are you’ll feel lit up on the inside with all the traits of Aquarius, regardless of your personal sign.
Aquarius encourages us to think about our future, so we may feel tempted to make some unexpected life changes if we don’t like our current trajectory…alternatively change may be thrust upon you. This week’s catch phrase is ‘expect the unexpected’ and any new opportunities that present this week are likely to have a big impact on your future. So reconsider before dismissing that blind date or job offer.
This is a great time for flashes of insight that provide unexpected solutions to problems so schedule a ‘think tank’ with those who think outside the box or dare put forward suggestions for innovative reforms…especially if you can demonstrate the benefit to others.
Friendships will feature this week as Aquarius encourages us to fill our cup with brotherly / sisterly love so we don’t expect one person to meet all our needs.
Blessings on your day,

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