The moon is still waning in Taurus so consider doing a quick check-in with yourself to notice if there’s anything you’re resisting & what the underlying feelings are. Doing this helps access the emotional intelligence of the opposite sign of Scorpio to create balance.
For when the moon moves through Taurus, regardless of our sun sign…if our Earthy Taurean expression isn’t balanced by watery Scorpio strengths, we can become as hard as stone & stubborn.
So to become as flexible, fertile & creative as mud we need to access the element of water by honouring what our feelings are trying to convey. If we are disconnected from our feelings they influence us more subconsciously as unconscious behaviours that make interpersonal relating a challenge.
During a lunar transit in Taurus we can be more inclined to dig our heels in & be as unwilling as an unmovable boulder should we not want to do something…like a petulant child. The adult response is to verbally acknowledge that we aren’t keen to participate in something or try something new & explain why.
So keep in mind, Taurus likes stability, things it can count on so unexpected plans or new ideas can also require a bit of extra encouragement.
Whether in your own psyche or dealing with the behaviour of a loved one, find a way to link what is being resisted to what is associated with pleasure, which is a huge motivator for us during a Taurean lunar transit.
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