The moon has just moved into Taurus. Taurus is an Earth sign so if you feel like ‘going to ground’ as we approach this week’s new moon this lunar transit will help you slow down by becoming more aware of your body & your physical needs.
Similarly if you’re finding the going quite tough mentally or emotionally this lunar influence will help you keep on going by strengthening your persistence but at a pace which is sustainable.
This is especially important for those in the Southern hemisphere now experiencing the darkest ebb of both the lunar & seasonal cycles with us being on the eve of Winter Solstice – the shortest day.
Going to ground is exactly what we’re meant to be doing right now to incubate during this psychological death & rebirth as we release all our experiences of the last annual cycle with gratitude for what we’ve learned.
For those in the Northern hemisphere, this is a time to give yourselves a reprieve from what can play out as manic social activity in the lead up to the longest day. Why? The strong solar influence encourages us to DO DO DO & Go Go Go as it amplifies our masculine, our active polarity.
So give yourself permission to take a break & collect yourself & indulge your senses. Become like a stone – still but perceiving all. This will recharge your inner light & beauty.
Blessings on your day,
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