The 28 Day Happy Challenge

Happiness habits for your daily life

The 28 Day Happy Challenge

Receive inspiration every day to create fun filled moments of heart fulfilling happiness!

& transform your life in just 28 days!

Imagine waking up like you did as a small child

Happy to be alive and excited by what the day will bring!

We all start life this way…rising with the sun and beaming with JOY! Then we encounter disappointments with the inevitable loss of innocence and it gets harder to get up in the morning with a smile on our face.

Being happy comes from making choices that become habits.

If happy habits aren’t modelled for us we don’t create happiness as a way of being.

So this is an invitation – to anchor happiness habits into your daily life through fun, heartwarming and practical suggestions.

Some of the Topics Covered In This Book

  • Allow Every Colour of Emotion
  • Attune to the Moon
  • Increase Your Good Vibrations
  • Bless Instead of Curse
  • Acknowledge & Celebrate Your Milestones
  • Commune With Mother Nature
  • Cultivate Soma: The Elixir of Beauty
  • Engage in Acts of Silly Disobedience


‘Thank you for motivating me, I have made a morning ritual out of your 28 day happiness challenge. ..I will continue on…just wanted to say thank you and be blessed and be a blessing.’

Tara Jane

‘Thank you so much for the 28-day happiness challenge! It has definitely reminded me of where I need to be & what I need to be working on:) it has reignited everything within when I had been in a bit of a slumber. Many thanks to you for sharing your gift & inspiring not only myself but many others that took this journey:)’


Nikkas Zinnannott

‘The 28 Day Happy Challenge’ donates all profits to children at risk of human trafficking & rehabilitating survivors of human trafficking.


The Art To Healing organisation is a non-profit, creative arts therapy enterprise based in Melbourne, Australia that is dedicated to assisting and empowering individuals at risk, particularly women and children in developing countries.

The Art To Healing organisation provides trauma counselling and protection to orphans to prevent them from being sold as sex slaves. The Not for Profit foundation provides psychological support, education, healing & empowerment through art therapy, awareness based practices such as yoga & meditation & sacred women’s traditions.

The founder of Art to Healing, Atira Tan personally oversees the programs to ensure funds are received by those most in need. To find out more about Art to Healing go to www. 



‘O wow!! Thank you so much for putting in the action so beautifully! Amazing!! I found this experience with you, life changing. Now I am fearful of loosing all this wonderful information! I want to do this 28days again! So much info and links to get to. I would love to be able and need to practice this. So that in time it can become habit. Thank you again!!!’ 

Elzabé Roux

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‘This experience has been so uplifting I hope I in some small way spread happiness to my friends and family )0(‘

Shelley Styles

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More Praise for The 28 Day Happy Book!

This is a wonderful challenge with some truly excellent suggestions that are very well explained, thank-you so much!

Barb Lawson

This challenge has opened a doorway for me. Today’s message was especially needed…love is a verb, taking action towards oneself! 

Dawn Kiss

Thank-you Tanishka! So appropriate for me.

I find your words are formulated in such a way they strike a chord in my heart. 

Ese Brume

I am so very grateful. Your advice and wisdom never cease to strike a chord. A great reminder to do these activities intentionally.

Richard James Dallee

So thought provoking – me being has been soaked with great information. Today, the silliness day has reminded me I can be a joker with dressing up.

Suzanne Kirkwood

Thank-you for sharing and caring about the heart of happiness – authenticity. This has been an inspiration and a blessing.

Caroline Georgieff

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