Houston, We Have a Problem…

The Grail

The Lies. The Truth. The Answer.


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Chapter 1. The Ordinary World: Houston, We Have a Problem

Feel overwhelmed by the stats about our global decline every time you open your newsfeed? From the extinction of species, to the pollution of the elements to the violence perpetrated against the innocent…

You’re not alone. Cortisol, our stress hormone, is constantly being dispensed into our bloodstream as we receive digital notifications and headlines that flood our sympathetic nervous system, hindering us from clear cognitive function and right action.

The truth is, nothing in our lives has prepared us for what we are now facing on a grand scale…chaos, destruction and death. Unlike those reared in indigenous cultures, most of us have not been initiated when we came of age to confront these fears. So we are ill prepared to confront the darker side of life and assume our adult responsibilities. Without rite of passage initiations, we have not sufficiently matured, so when faced with an epic challenge, it’s understandable that many respond by cowering in fear, seeking someone to blame or disassociating, rather than face it directly.

The lack of initiation into adulthood is due to the widespread colonization by dynastic empires that severed our longstanding cultural traditions. Why? An immature collective is easier to enslave and control. Just as children defer to the authority of their parents as they feel unable to navigate life without them, we are kept disempowered, ignorant and over-regulated. Without access to the sacred rites that once assisted our collective psyche to mature, we are stunted psychologically and emotionally. After generations of systemic disempowerment, we no longer need overt force to see us comply. Our stunted awareness makes us prisoners who are complicit in our own enslavement.

We have overlooked our immaturity as the root cause of our global problems because we tend to perceive ourselves as clever, based on the evidence of our ‘man-made’ achievements. However, the state of our relationships and our environment tells a different story. The decline of both human relationships and our Earthly environment flag the unsavory fact; we destroy more than we create. This is not because human beings are bad and deserve to become extinct, as we’ve been conditioned to believe. This is due to how undeveloped the feminine side of the collective psyche is, the half of our psyche that is psycho-emotional side. To validate this claim, one needs only to look at how our modern culture worships the external signs of youth and devalues the inner qualities we gain with age. Why? The masculine governs the external world and the feminine governs the inner world. We have neglected the growth of our inner world so our outer world is sounding the alarm.

It Wasn’t Me!

Up until recently, like teenagers, we have been primarily concerned with our personal needs and wants, and then as ‘shit got real’, many have reacted like two siblings in the backset of a family road trip by squabbling over who is to blame. It makes sense. Many figure, “Why blame us?!” when our so-called leaders, lead by example by abdicating responsibility like a hot potato…probably because their hands are full juggling perks, prostitutes and pay-offs. So while the minority have attempted to respond in practical ways, the vast majority have waited for an external authority to fix things. This sentiment is echoed by John Mayer’s song, Waitin’ on the World to Change. Yes, when religion looked unlikely to provide the promised savior, many looked to government, only to become completely disillusioned as it became apparent those in public office were doing the bidding of the privately-owned corporations that funded their ascent to power.

My intention here is not to invalidate the efforts of all the well-meaning individuals who, like me, have been signing petitions to ban plastics, reading labels to boycott palm oil, donating money to save rhinos and planting trees on weekends. I am simply suggesting this allopathic approach to our global crises is as futile as sticking your finger in the holes of a dam wall that’s destined to break. We must acknowledge the underlying cause for all these seemingly unrelated issues as a matter of priority. For as long as we expend all our energy reacting to the symptoms and neglecting the cause; the central issue, the unravelling of the fabric of life will continue faster than a run in the pantyhose of a Radio City Rockette.

So…Will Religion or the Government Save Us?

No. Let’s face it, the whole system is corrupt to the core, like Wall Street in the Big Apple. So while the circus of debate continues like background music on the deck of the Titanic, its inevitable our modern civilization must fall. Why? Our modern society is based on the values of ancient Rome. Just look at all official state buildings, even their architecture is inspired by Rome. So just as the Roman Empire fell due to its arrogance, acted out as an insatiable ego-driven appetite for status, glory, power and wealth to prove its power and dominion, so too, our modern world is destined to meet the same fate. It is crumbling. Cracking at its corrupt foundations, destabilizing every aspect of life as we know it.

This is why everyone whos trying to hold it together is literally cracking up under the strain. The question is, will our group mind transform by embracing our collective breakdown as an opportunity for breakthrough or will we, as an unconscious collective, take everyone and everything down with us? This depends on one thing, whether we humble our egos and mature.

Social Sustainability: Growing a Grass Roots Foundation

If focusing on our maturity levels seems like a sideward step, ponder this; if someone is not functioning in age-appropriate ways, they cannot keep a pot plant alive, let alone muck in and help save a planet. So too, if we are not socially sustainable as individuals, we cannot create sustainable relationships, environments, or care for other life forms. I speak from experience. In my family of origin, we flushed a lot of goldfish, signaling my parent’s coping mechanisms were frayed, like so many others hiding behind brick veneers in the suburbs. Such unstable interpersonal foundations have been the norm, or The Simpsons wouldn’t have struck such a universal chord. Only by acknowledging our immaturity and reinstating healthy social structures as scaffolding to support us can we grow and fulfill our true potential. Only then will we be able to effectively deal with the crises now at hand.

Crises = Danger / Opportunity

There’s nothing like a crisis to reveal someone’s maturity levels. When immature, we respond to crises with fear, anticipating only danger. When mature, we see crises as an opportunity for growth. This is why we’re now seeing such a divide between those clinging to the old paradigm, who are looking to governments to save them, and those trying to actively seed a new paradigm through innovating change at a grassroots level.

Those who feel internally like frightened children want to be taken care of by an external authority to feel safe, so they will comply without questioning authority. Whereas those who feel internally like teenagers will look to see what their friends are doing and follow suit to gain approval and be social accepted. While those who feel internally like adults will assert their internal authority by questioning and researching and seek to inform those unaware of what’s really going on and what’s at stake.

However, just as you wouldn’t impose X-rated adult content onto a child because their psyche couldn’t handle it, those who are essentially children in adult bodies feel traumatized when others try to wake them up by exposing them to the shadow in the light of day. Much easier to shoot the messenger by dismissing them as mad (a conspiracy theorist) than entertain the repercussions of their message. This is a response they are entrained to do with their daily dose of mind programming by corporate owned media. Similarly, this is why those operating at the level of teenagers are more likely to join with their oppressors, like victims of Stockholm syndrome, criticizing, judging and bullying those who aren’t conforming. They simply rebel against those who are asking them to grow up by confronting something that challenges their reality. This leaves those investigating the extent of the global shadow trying to discern who has eyes to see and ears to hear.

Watching Superhero Films Will Not Save the Earth

Our impaired maturity is why, as this cataclysm of epic proportions is unfolding all around us, just when we need a hero most, the majority are suspended in a state of childlike passivity, gaming in virtual worlds and watching films about superheroes instead of actually responding as heroes. Whether its Star Wars, Avatar, Braveheart, The Lion King, or Marvel and DC’s cinematic franchise, simply consuming formulaic re-enactments of the Heros Journey will not save the world in this, our time of need.

This is especially true of the collective masculine who, unlike the female half of the species are not initiated to mature by their bodies changing with their chronological life stages. Let me be clear, the problem is not that men identify with superheroes. In fact, it’s wonderful most young boys dream of being a superhero…of making the world a better place, serving the greater good and upholding justice. I know my heart swells with appreciation whenever I see a pre-schooler proudly wearing their superhero suit in the local supermarket, and I thank them for showing up to save the world. The question is, why do the vast majority of young men end up betraying their primary urge and core values when they come of age, by settling for a job that contributes to the corrupt industrial, military complex – the dark side of The Force, instead of serving the greater good?

Answer: Most haven’t explored their feminine side; their unconscious feelings and motivations, let alone identified the ways they’ve been emasculated by patriarchy. Yes, men have suffered equally, but in less overt ways than women…a subject we will explore later. Suffice to say, men’s internalized collective shame about being male manifests as personal disempowerment. This is why the majority of the men indulge in fantasy scenarios where they save the world single-handed, instead of working together to adequately respond to the challenges immediately facing us.

So yes, Houston, we have a problem, and it can’t be fixed with technology or science.

Awakening The Hero and the Mystic

Without rites of passage, most men today have not directly faced their fear of failure and as a result, struggle to awaken the hero within. Equally, most women have not faced their fear of persecution and madness and as a result, struggle to awaken the inner mystic. These are just two of many archetypes that inhabit our psyche. Without initiation most people have no idea of the many facets of masculine and feminine expression that comprise empowered, authentic manhood and womanhood. However, these two aspects specifically are the greatest threat to the dominion of the empires, those that oppress us. As without the hero and the mystic we lack the wisdom to see clearly and the courage to act when needed. These are two of the archetypes the Grail empowers within both the individual and the collective.

Before the rise of empires like Rome, men and women throughout the Western world were initiated into the wisdom tradition of the Grail. Without initiation into the Grail rites, it’s not surprising many men struggle to overcome their inner demons and so they never realise their external goals and dreams to fulfil the archetypal hero. Without positively embodying the archetypal hero, many men are haunted by the fear their existence is meaningless.

Similarly, many little girls are fascinated with the magic of nature and love to dress as fairies. However, for the last two millennia females have received the message, in both subtle and overt ways, that it’s unsafe to explore and embody the archetype of the mystic. Why? Those who previously dared throughout patriarchy were viewed as evil or crazy and were burnt, drowned, locked away or ostracised. Without the Grail, the archetypal mystic is feared and oppressed. Without initiation, modern women struggle to positively embody their inner mystic, who is the key to accessing their inner guidance. This usually results in women shutting down their subtle perceptions and feeling shame about their sensitivity. The exciting news is that it is all about to change!

The Return of the Cup Bearer

We are now entering the two thousand year Aquarian Age, symbolized in myth as the cupbearer. This is a sign it’s time for the Grail to re-emerge. It’s time for us to transcend the search for power, being ego-dominant and governed by the solar plexus to seek out love, by becoming soul-dominant and governed by the heart. Those who seek the Grail are those who seek the truth, knowing the truth shall set us free from enslavement by freeing our minds and our hearts. This is why those who sought the Grail sought the truth as a path to true love. The seeker of the Grail is portrayed in the Tarot as the Knight of Cups. The card shows a Grail knight, a man on white horse who seeks truth, love and wisdom. He holds a goblet which is empty, indicating his mind is receptive to new ideas, for one must be earnest and humble in their search for truth.

Likewise, dear reader, I trust you wouldn’t have opened this book if it didn’t call to your soul. So I invite you to trust your inner calling, if some of the material presented challenges your conditioned beliefs. For just as love challenges the rational mind, so does the truth. I do not ask you to blindly accept what I say as true, but rather sit with it and see what resonates. I encourage you to be a skeptic, filtering all information through your own intuition. I simply request you don’t close your mind in cynicism, rejecting new ideas without due process. In other words, filter and retain what serves you and leave the rest. What I know to be true is we cannot transcend the existing paradigm of war that operates through the industrial, military complex without the wisdom of the Grail that provides a path back to love, borne of wisdom.

So without further ado, it is time to look behind the veil into the greatest mystery of all time, the Grail. I will do my best to serve you as an oracle, a vessel for truth, to unveil the illusions that distorted the Grail and enabled tyranny to reign. For we are now in the eleventh hour, and there is no greater issue of importance, which is why so many are seeing the synchronistic sign 11:11 so frequently.

For those of you familiar with the archetypal Hero’s Journey popularized by Joseph Campbell, you will recognize I have applied this framework as a path to follow, as it was once an intrinsic part of the Grail tradition. (More about that later.)

As with all heroic adventures, we have started by acknowledging the harsh realities of our ordinary world to identify what we’ve outgrown. While this is potentially uncomfortable, it is necessary to address the source of our pain, individually and collectively. Initially, we will focus on awakening the hero by addressing the wounds of the masculine and how that impacts our external world. This will be balanced by shifting our focus to awakening the mystic and addressing the wounds of the feminine that impact our inner world. For both the feminine and the masculine must be healed within our psyche if we are to move forward as sacred and sovereign beings.

The Fisher King: A Parable for our Times

There was once a land that was sick…the cattle did not reproduce, the crops wouldn’t grow, men were dying, children were orphaned and women wept, all because the king was wounded. The prophecy said when the king was healed, the land would be healed…

This is the ominous opening to The Fisher King, the story of an old man who is materially rich but spiritually poor, unable to find pleasure in his privilege. He has a physical wound in his groin, preventing him from participating in the nightly festivities of his court. A sad figure, he is unable to stand or drink from the chalice offered to him. He is perpetually restless, distracted by his pain. His only focus is how to relieve his discomfort.

One day he consults the guidance of an oracle, who decrees only a young fool has the power to heal him…one who is pure of heart and asks the right question. Annoyed by this cryptic riddle, he resigns himself to fishing by day and social distraction by night.

One day while he is fishing on the lake, a sincere and honest youth approaches him to ask where he can find lodging for the night. The Fisher King secretly hopes this is the young man who will fulfill the prophecy and heal him by asking the right question.

He welcomes the young man to stay, and after dinner, the youth is shown to his room. Then, in the middle of the night, the youth is awoken by a strange procession passing by his door. First, he sees a maiden carrying a lance with a single drop of blood, followed by another maiden carrying a golden platter and a third maiden bearing a golden chalice. Though intensely curious, he doesnt dare ask what is going on, for he recalls his mother’s parting words, “Don’t ask too many questions, lest people think you rude.”

In the morning, when he awakens, the castle has disappeared, and he realizes that what he glimpsed was, in fact, the Holy Grail, the very thing he had dedicated his life to find. Then it dawns on him. He missed the opportunity to discover the mystery of the Grail because he didnt ask the women he saw what they were doing. When he realizes the cost of his choice, he is haunted by the enormity of his failure. Having found the Grail, he did not seize the opportunity when it was before him.

A Deconstruction of the Parable

The elderly character of the Fisher King is a symbol of the wounded masculine. His life is without meaning or purpose. His estate, once bountiful, has fallen into decline, reflecting the barren state of his soul. The tale warns if he cannot find a cure for his wound, his land will become a wasteland.

This fateful tale was once a teaching parable in the Grail tradition. A warning of the fate that befalls a man who doesn’t seek the Grail; that being, initiation into the wisdom tradition of the sacred feminine. The Fisher King depicts the endgame of a man who dismisses the importance of the inner soul quest in favor of an external pursuit to gain personal status through acquiring worldly knowledge, influence and material wealth. It is a tale whose consequence echoes through our modern world, holding a mirror up to the dominant cultural values of our time.

The Lesson For Men and Masculine Dominant Women

While I address men directly, for whom these lessons are primary, I would encourage women, especially those who are masculine dominant, to equally heed these lessons, given how prevalent it is for women to sacrifice their feminine side to be taken seriously in a man’s world and ensure their safety by acquiring wealth, status and power as a means of determining personal autonomy.

The story of The Fisher King highlights the power of our choices, illustrated by a crushing blow to both of the men in this tale, whose choices serve as a warning. Without direct participation in the Grail rite, neither can solve the riddle needed to relieve their burden. The youth must endure twenty years of chaos and confusion, haunted by his failure before another opportunity to access the Grail presents. The elder leaves no trace, indicating no legacy, revealing his life amounted to nothing as it was void of true meaning.

The core teaching of the Grail parable, The Fisher King is that man and the land are one. The wasteland reflects the wasted potential of a man who thinks only of himself and not of his service to the land and her people. Ultimately, what man does to the land, he does to himself, and vice versa. When we comprehend this, we understand there is no long-term gain in exploiting the land for personal gain. In the end, one who does pays the ultimate price. This is something understood by indigenous cultures who lived sustainably before colonialism.

The Fatal Flaw of the Hero

As with all mythic heroes, the protagonist’s downfall is his arrogance which results in a state of ignorance and eventual destruction – his own and everything that surrounds him. The Fisher King is not humble enough to ask questions or seek answers to the meaning of life. The Fisher King is a man considered wealthy by those whose focus is rational and material, valuing only what they can perceive through their physical senses. From this perspective, the Fisher King appears to have it all; a stately manor, social status, worldly power and material wealth. However, if we view him from a psycho-emotional perspective, we see a man who has dismissed the richness found in the inner realms, leading to an unenviable state of inner torment. This means he is unable to enjoy his daily life, making him a figure of pathos.

The Fisher King is a herald of entropy, for he is not in right relationship with his inner self, his soul. This prevents him from being in right relationship with all other life forms, reflected by the dysfunction and decay eclipsing him. His wound, manifested physically, indicates an internal mindset of dis-ease. He is soul-sick, dominated by the limitations of his rational mind and disconnected from his heart. So long as his defensive mindset overrides his feeling function, he remains unavailable to enjoy the natural richness life has to offer. So he is unable to experience joy, the essence of true abundance.

For only by living with an open heart can we perceive life’s simple pleasures. When the heart is closed, we remain trapped in a soul cage, with our jailer, the inner critic finding fault with everyone and everything, including ourselves. This state of unrest undermines our energetic frequency. This disturbance is felt first within the subtle bodies of the mind and emotions and then the physical body. Having sustained this state of being for some time, the Fisher King is rendered ineffectual, unable to instigate the change he so desperately needs.

The mind in and of itself is not bad. Analytical by nature, the function of our mind is to anticipate danger in order to avoid it. Without balancing this function with the intuitive wisdom of the soul, our mind inevitably becomes unbalanced. This manifests as hyper-vigilance and controlling behaviour in a futile attempt to create safety and security in a world where the only constant, is change. This leads to neurosis, born of obsessive compulsions, driven by fear that undermines one’s sense of self and wellbeing. This is why today we see anxiety disorders now twice as prevalent as all other mental illnesses,(1) indicating our mind-dominant culture is operating under the strain of mental imbalance.

With his rational-material focus, the Fisher King has spent his life in an unfulfilling pursuit of short-term gain. This is the behavior of someone who seeks external challenges as a distraction from their inner pain. This represents an unconscious attempt to compensate for an inner wound. For example, his compulsive need to accumulate material wealth is an unconscious attempt to prove his worth as he lacks a sense of his intrinsic self-worth.

It is only through taking the journey within to discover the totality of our multi-faceted soul that we can glean an appreciation of our true worth, which is beyond measure. Without taking this quest to truly know ourselves, we can never identify our soul calling and live a life of real meaning. Like so many, the Fisher King dies, oblivious of his character flaw, due to his refusal to become self-aware.

Impotence: The Disempowered Masculine

As the Grail parable of The Fisher King warns, when the masculine is weak, the land and her people will perish. Today, many of our men are in such a state of personal crises that they are impotent to act on what threatens our way of life and our existence and this manifests physically as erectile dysfunction. The huge volume of both Viagra sales and pornography addicted men both evidence men’s desperate attempt to feel potent and powerful through artificial and external means.

Often a man who suffers erectile dysfunction already feels worthless, lacking true empowerment and his physical condition exacerbates this, drawing attention to his underlying wound. It is, after all, the lack of authentic personal power that creates an unconscious compulsion to perform sexually, to prove one’s power as a man, often by dominating a partner. Alternatively a man who lacks inner power may strive to attain external power by pursuing wealth, status and influence as an unconscious compensation for his unstable self-worth. Self-worth and empowerment comes from self-knowledge. This is the significance of the wound in the Fisher King’s groin, suggesting impotence. It is not simply a lack of physical virility, associated with male power, but his impotence to act. Specifically, to take the right action, to address his personal dysfunction by becoming self-aware.

Since the masculine energy polarity is active, the opposite of the feminine polarity, which is receptive, the Fisher King’s inability to take appropriate action, as needed, signals his lack of male power. His passivity indicates he is operating unconsciously from the feminine part of his psyche, which is underdeveloped because he has not received mystic initiation and instruction from the empowered feminine. So his inability to be proactive, over time, has manifested as a marked decline in physical mobility, until he is completely incapacitated.

Like Father, Like Son

While the Fisher King and the youth, Parsival, are not blood kin, we see the inter-generational wound illustrated clearly. The youth, Parsival, is similarly impotent to act, suggesting his lack of positive male role models. Parsival’s wound is not yet physical but surfaces as an internal neurosis resulting in paralysis from over-analysis. Put simply, he fears taking action lest he makes the wrong choice, so he embodies failure with his refusal to make an effort. Had he dared risk looking like a fool, he would’ve learned through trial and error, but by not making an effort, he embodies the adage, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Parsival lacks confidence in his inner authority to make his own choices, indicating, like The Fisher King, he is essentially only half a man, as he has not become whole by integrating the feminine side of his psyche. He lacks clarity of mind as he has not yet awakened his intuition, a function of his inner feminine. Without the ability to attune to his inner knowing for guidance, he defers to the opinions of others, who he perceives as experts, such as the voice of his mother. Dominated by the incessant chatter of his rational mind, he experiences confusion, leading to procrastination which limits his opportunities. It’s worth noting in this parable it is the disempowered feminine who is his inner authority. One who cautions him not to seek the truth for fear of what others will think. Here we see history repeating itself as the next generation misses the moment of opportunity to become whole by seizing the gift of feminine wisdom when it is before them.

The Fisher King is a tragedy of epic proportions. For not only does the protagonist lack the ability to take the action needed to heal himself and the land, he is so disempowered he can’t even stand. This signifies he can’t take a stand for the convictions of his heart’s deepest truth; what he believes in and is most important to him. As a result, he lives a meaningless existence. Without anything to live for, he is a man at risk of death, whether that’s via a reckless act or a slow decline borne of self-negating choices. This is why male suicide rates continue to climb at an all-time high sounding the alarm that is being muffled by a media black ban on the taboo topic of suicide. Meanwhile, countless other men are enacting their death wish slowly via addictions to numb their psycho-emotional pain.

“I’d rather die standing than live on my knees”

Stephane Charbonnier

The Fisher King is the epitome of a man whose psycho-emotional maturity is stunted due to his inability to know his own heart. This results in his physical body bearing the burden of his unexpressed feelings and desires. A solitary figure with no apparent emotional attachments, he is a man who has avoided intimacy with himself and others. Without exploring the crucible of human relationships, his priorities and values have remained unchanged since his youth. Here we see the emptiness that awaits those whose main priority in life is acquiring status symbols that represent ‘the good life’. Those who fall victim to the law of diminishing return, that being, the more you have of something, the less you enjoy it. Without awareness of the universal laws governing us, the Fisher King does the same thing day in and day out. By day, he fishes, and by night, he lives through others as a voyeur. Neither pursuit is soul-fulfilling. Both activities are nonsensical as they serve no purpose, so what ensues is a dystopian circus, an endless cycle of dysfunction, repeatedly doing that which brings no relief while hoping for a different outcome; a miracle of salvation.

This is not uncommon behavior in our modern world. Many enact this Groundhog Day saga. They wake up, do the habitual activities that offer no real fulfillment, hoping to win the lottery to change their fate, while passively watching other people on their devices, with mass voyeurism normalized since the advent of television. This never-ending circle is the rat wheel of our mad modern world engaged in by those uninitiated into the life / death / life spiral cycle of feminine mysteries. Without this initiation, it’s understandable we fear change and resist the endings required for our growth. Whereas, when we learn to embrace change, we make time regularly to question our choices as our awareness and maturity grow.

Without developing the feminine side of our nature, we don’t prioritize the space and time needed for reflection, so our past choices can be transcended. It is only through introspection we stop going round in circles and ascend into the sacred spiral of our own evolution. If we don’t know how to do this, we remain frozen in time, unable to progress to our next psychological and emotional stage. The Fisher King is the epitome of someone who has not examined the cause and effect of their past actions and assumed accountability for their choices. Despite his chronological years, he has failed to mature, so he becomes a frail old man instead of a wise elder.

This is inevitable if we don’t seek the wisdom of the cycles, the teachings inherent in the Grail tradition that assist us to grow, mature and age with grace. As a result, the ageing process of The Fisher King is tortured, a fulfillment of his anticipated fear of change, ageing and death. As he deteriorates, so does his land, as nothing can thrive without understanding the natural cycles; be it the human psyche, one’s physical health, interpersonal relationships, or the fertility of the land. Without the wisdom of the Grail, the masculine aspect in both men and women remains immature, sabotaging love, health and the soul’s true purpose. The legacy of such an individual is one of unconscious destruction, to themselves and all life, as they unwittingly create a life that’s isn’t worth living.

This ominous tale warns those who seek to dismiss or dominate the feminine, do so at their own peril. Without access to the Grail, we see the vast majority of men and masculine-dominant women seeking to emulate the external success of the Fisher King without realizing the cost to themselves and the land. All because they’re so desperate to prove themselves a success in order to gain approval. Until we address this wounded thinking that subconsciously drives progress at any cost, we won’t stop the downward spiral of destruction and entropy that threatens the sacredness of all life prevailing.

“One day… there would come a time, when the earth being ravaged and polluted, the forests being destroyed, the birds would fall from the air, the waters would be blackened, the fish being poisoned in the streams, and the trees would no longer be, mankind as we would know it would all but cease to exist.”

An excerpt from the Rainbow prophecyas retold by a Cree woman over a century ago.(2)



Discover the truth about the Holy Grail in Chapter Two

Considered the greatest mystery of all time, the Holy Grail has been surrounded with ongoing speculation down through the ages regarding its true origins and identity. 

Claims have been made the Grail is:

  • A vial of precious blood
  • A blinding white light
  • The Celtic cauldron of plenty
  • A secret book or gospel
  • The philosophers stone
  • The chalice Yeshua used in the last supper
  • The blood of Yeshua collected while he was on the cross 
  • The bloodline of Yeshua and Mari signified by her womb

In chapter two, I explain the origins of these theories and reveal the original sacred wisdom tradition once known as the Grail.

A tradition observed by Anglo-Saxon ancestors before the rise of the Roman Empire that outlawed the Grail.

Also revealed is why the Grail was outlawed and subsequently shrouded with misinformation. 

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