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Imagine a revelation so powerful, it addresses the root cause of our global crises?

At Last! The Greatest Mystery of All Time

Solved by an oracle who decodes it from the perspective of the sacred feminine…

The true origins of the ancient mystic tradition that was, The Grail.

This is the sacred knowledge that awakens the hero, the king and the mystic in this, our hour of need by exposing the deceptions that have enslaved us.

The truth shall set us free.


The Lies. The Truth.

The Answer.

Discover the truth about the Holy Grail in Chapter Two

Considered the greatest mystery of all time, the Holy Grail has been surrounded with ongoing speculation down through the ages regarding its true origins and identity. 

Claims have been made the Grail is:

  • A vial of precious blood
  • A blinding white light
  • The Celtic cauldron of plenty
  • A secret book or gospel
  • The philosophers stone
  • The chalice Yeshua used in the last supper
  • The blood of Yeshua collected while he was on the cross 
  • The bloodline of Yeshua and Mari signified by her womb

In chapter two, I explain the origins of these theories and reveal the original sacred wisdom tradition once known as the Grail.

A tradition observed by Anglo-Saxon ancestors before the rise of the Roman Empire that outlawed the Grail.

Also revealed is why the Grail was outlawed and subsequently shrouded with misinformation. 

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Chapter 1. The Ordinary World: Houston, We Have a Problem

As the Grail parable, The Fisher King warns, when the king is sick, the land and her people will perish. Here we identify the nature of the hero’s wound.


Chapter 2. The Call to Adventure: Will You Seek the Grail?

We unveil the enchantment that has kept the hero disempowered in a sleep state. For only by facing the truth can the hero end the paradigm of war.


Chapter 3. Refusal of the Call: Being Sensible

Here we examine our Devil’s bargain. By understanding our motivations we reclaim our power to choose.


Chapter 4. Meeting the Mentor: The Magdalenes: Keepers of the Grail

The hero meets the sacred vessel, the virgin priestess who will provide him with a map and mystic guidance to chart his course.


Chapter 5. Crossing the Threshold: The Quest Begins To Heal the King

The hero pieces together his psyche by identifying the cycles he must learn to master as a nobleman to defeat his saboteur.


Chapter 6. The Round Table: The Taboo of Brotherly Love

Here he meets with a band of brothers who together form a ring of fellowship that will assist him in his quest.


Chapter 7. Meeting with the Goddess: Mastering Lessons in Love

Now the hero faces his greatest fear, looking like a fool for love! This requires coaching to understand the many faces of the feminine and how to woo them.


Chapter 8. The Holy Grail: Facing the Dragon

We venture deep into the man cave to rescue the wild masculine whose annual inauguration was hijacked by Saint Nic!


Chapter 9. Seizing the Sword: Excalibur and Magical Gifts 

Having passed the Great Ordeal the hero is bestowed with secret treasures long hidden from himself and the world. With these gifts he is invincible!


Chapter 10. The Lady and the Unicorn: The Truth Sets Us Free

The hero resumes his quest to achieve his heart’s greatest desire…reborn as a sacred sovereign, an embodiment of the divine masculine, he cannot fail.


Chapter 11. Alchemical Union: The Ultimate Sexual Revolution

Having awakened the force to become a dragon king, he renews the fertility of the land through acts of sacred love. 

Chapter 12. The Great Rebirth: Restoring the Sacred Balance

Aware of his true purpose our hero heals division with unity and heals the land and her people, as a role model for future generations and a beacon of hope.

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