The Inner Goddess Makeover

Empower Every Facet of Your Womanhood



First released in 2007 & LOVED by women of all ages around the world, now in its second revised edition, this insightful workbook will empower your feminine expression for a lifetime!

“I promise ths is a good one! It is a workbook that helps you strengthen all aspects of your womanhood”

Britney Spears

Transform How You See Yourself as a Woman

Women have been sold the debilitating premise that they must strive to become ‘the perfect woman’ which keeps them undermined by negative self talk, viewing themselves from the critical mind instead of the wisdom of their souls.

Through medicine myths to heal the feminine psyche, intimate personal stories, case studies, psychological profiles, beautiful DIY rituals & the transformational workbook section in every chapter you will transcend any limiting beliefs that have shackled your authentic feminine expression.


“I was a walking pin-up for dysfunction”

My Story

I was 26 and my primary relationships were with my cat and my gay best friend  – with whom I was hopelessly infatuated, so there was no happy ending at the end of that rainbow! The way I made my living was also far from fulfilling: I was working alternate nights as a stand-up comedienne and a stripper (occupations that seemed compatible, somehow, at the time).

So, when I wasn’t taking my clothes off for money, I’d paint myself up, unleash my big hair like a fearful animal attempting to look imposing, and then strut on stage wearing my Glamazon armour and fuelled with a caffeinated energy drink. I’d then attempt to make drunk men laugh by putting myself down. I don’t recommend that as a self-esteem-building exercise.

Overview & Preview

Presented as seven steps to meet and understand the seven universal feminine aspects, The Inner Goddess Makeover combines ancient women’s wisdom with fun experiential processes, interesting facts and candid autobiographical accounts, making it ideal for women wanting to fulfil their full feminine potential. A compelling & entertaining read which reveals fundamental truths about our experience of womanhood and begs the question, ‘Why wasn’t I told this earlier?’


The word ‘Goddess’ seems to have recently become a buzzword. In the 1950s only those immortalized on the silver screen such as Marlena Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe were referred to as ‘Screen Goddesses’ but now Goddesses seem to be popping out from every small screen and magazine to sell us disposable razors, gym wear and hair dyes.

So what do these mortal women have that qualifies them as modern day Goddesses? And what can the rest of us do to become one?

I regard a modern day Goddess as a woman who sees and honors all aspects of herself as natural and therefore perfect and sacred. (Note: this includes spontaneous burping!) Yes, any woman can shine with liberated self-acceptance and vitality when she chooses to value herself as a unique expression of divine life force, instead of trying to become the perfect woman she thinks everyone else wants her to be.

Outgrowing the Ideal of ‘The Perfect Woman’

The first step is to realize there is no such thing as the perfect woman. And of course your idea of the perfect woman is not necessarily the same as mine. Depending on which feminine archetype is ruling you, you may aspire to be a tall leggy blonde, a perfect Mother or a career superwoman… but none of these ideals will bring happiness if they are not balanced by the other archetypes.

The very idea of a perfect woman is a myth brought about primarily by marketing consultants wanting women to compulsively purchase products in the name of self-improvement. Tell-a- vision is exactly that, a vision of the world we are told to compete with, at the risk of social suicide should we fail to comply. If this sounds like a harsh appraisal, just watch daytime TV, (targeted specifically at women) and observe your self-esteem plummet like a thermometer bound for the Arctic. By 3 p.m. you’ll think your skin too white, your breasts too small, and your wardrobe inadequate, your teeth too yellow, your thighs too soft and your hair color too drab. Which begs the question, ‘So why do we buy it?’
Because we have literally been ‘programmed’ to want to emulate the models we see on TV.

Fortunately for us, a model is only a replica of the real thing. It is not the real thing. WE are the real thing, 100% unique specimens of womanhood. After all, the word ‘model’ is a product description and you are not a product. You are a human being! (I, for one, strongly suspect we were never intended to have skin as smooth as the plastic on Barbie’s legs or roast our stomachs golden brown like take-out chicken in the name of beauty.)

And although we may wish we had smaller thighs or tighter abs, small thighs alone do not a Goddess make. No, what does give certain women that special something (and I don’t mean a yeast infection) is the self-assurance of knowing they are absolutely divine exactly as they are.

That’s the sole purpose of this book: to enable you to see, explore and know yourself as the utterly divine creature that you truly are. So you:
A. Never doubt it again and
B. Don’t surround yourself with people who fail to acknowledge you as a fully-fledged Goddess in your own right. (That said, there’s no need to convince the console operator at your local service station that you are in fact a Goddess. Just knowing this truth will suffice.)

Yes, regardless of your age or silhouette, just consciously embodying this principle from the inside out will bestow upon you a glow reserved for those proud owners of Aphrodite’s best kept beauty secret.

What You Will Learn

How to identify & embody the strengths of each inner feminine aspect

How to identify limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour

And the universal lessons we each face in our feminine journey


Available in paperback or digital format

Activate your Shakti – your sacred feminine essence

Open & balance all 7 energy centres to awaken your intuition

Awaken your vitality, truth & power in every energy centre to live your fullest potential. 

Order at your local bookstore or online

Empower yourself mentally, emotionally, energetically & physically as a woman

With wisdom to assist you through times of transition and change

And live your authentic truth 

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