The Inner Goddess Makeover

Empower Every Facet of Your Womanhood

First released in 2007 & LOVED by women of all ages around the world, now in its second revised edition, this insightful and life-affirming journey of self-discovery will empower your feminine sense for a lifetime!

Presented as seven steps to meet and understand the seven universal feminine aspects, The Inner Goddess Makeover combines ancient women’s wisdom with fun experiential processes, interesting facts and candid autobiographical accounts, making it ideal for women wanting to fulfil their full feminine potential.

A compelling & entertaining read which reveals fundamental truths about our experience of womanhood and begs the question,

‘Why wasn’t I told this earlier?’

‘Every woman should read this book.

It should be on every woman’s bookshelf!’


“The goddess makeover book is one of my favorites!

We use it every month to get inspiration for our new moon gathering.”


Brilliant workbook, thought provoking, inspirational and life changing! Love love love this book!!

Only a couple pages in and LOVE what I am reading!

It helps to turn your focus inwards and to heal yourself one aspect at a time

Girl least likely to be nominated a Goddess

I never thought this is what I’d end up doing with my life. Empowering women to live like Goddesses was certainly not an option offered by the careers guidance counsellor at my high school. No, my journey with the Goddess began when I got lost…

I was 26 and a walking pin-up girl for dysfunction. My primary relationships were with my cat and my gay best friend  – with whom I was hopelessly infatuated, so there was no happy ending at the end of that rainbow! The way I made my living was also far from fulfilling: I was working alternate nights as a stand-up comedienne and a stripper (occupations that seemed compatible, somehow, at the time).

So, when I wasn’t taking my clothes off for money, I’d paint myself up, unleash my big hair like a fearful animal attempting to look imposing, and then strut on stage wearing my Glamazon armour and fuelled with a caffeinated energy drink. I’d then attempt to make drunk men laugh by putting myself down. I don’t recommend that as a self-esteem-building exercise.

‘I’m afraid I’m becoming evangelical about your book.

I’m telling every woman I meet they should read it!’


On other evenings, I’d be draped around a pole, trying to feel more like Gypsy Rose Lee than a zoo exhibit, as I seduced men into helping me pay the rent on my overpriced inner-city apartment. Working in such demeaning environments meant a large proportion of my income was spent self-soothing with a toxic array of pot, cigarettes, chocolate, caffeine, and alcohol.

One night, eclipsed by emotional overwhelm, I got down on my knees and said to the Universe: ‘If you want me to be a woman, then send me some f**king role models!’ That’s when it happened. The Goddess answered my call, and like magic, the life I’d known was swept away. I soon found myself in a forest, being initiated into a circle of women at my first Goddess workshop.

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify & embody the strengths of each inner feminine aspect
  • How to identify limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour
  • The universal lessons we each face in our feminine journey
  • How to activate your Shakti – your sacred feminine essence
  • How to empower yourself mentally, emotionally, energetically & physically as a woman
  • Wisdom to assist you in your times of transition and change
  • How to connect with your authentic truth and live by it
  • How open & balance all 7 energy centres to awaken your intuition


“I’m so glad I have gotten this book. In fact I have bought all 4 and am on chapter 4 of goddess wisdom.

I was going to read this book next and have downloaded the mp3’s to go with it.

I’m really looking forward to learning of your wisdom.I love your posts.”


Activate Your Goddess Mojo!

This step-by-step process will awaken your vitality, truth & power in every chakra so you exude self-assurance and access more creative energy to live your highest purpose & live out your fullest potential. 

‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ still sits by the side of my bed! It told me lots of things I didn’t know but when I heard it I knew it was the truth because my soul recognised it & I was so relieved to hear it!

It was a complete wake-up call to my inner Goddess & it’s such a really powerful process.’

Annabelle Mazotti

Transform How You See Yourself as a Woman

Women have been sold the debilitating premise that they must strive to become ‘the perfect woman’ which keeps them undermined by negative self talk, viewing themselves from the critical mind instead of the wisdom of their souls.

Through medicine myths to heal the feminine psyche, intimate personal stories, case studies, psychological profiles, beautiful DIY rituals & the transformational workbook section in every chapter you will transcend any limiting beliefs that have shackled your authentic feminine expression.


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‘The Inner Goddess Makeover is a blessing! What I have discovered about myself is life changing. Highly recommend – a fun & enlightening journey!’


‘I’ve read my wife’s copy twice!’


‘The process is divine. Thank-you for making it possible.’


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