Earn rewards without spending any money,

just by sharing the love!

Earn rewards without spending any money,

Introducing The Moon Woman Affiliate Program

If you LOVE Tanishka’s work, consider joining her affiliate program & you’ll be rewarded with credit to spend on all her books, digital resources, online courses…& her LIVE EVENTS including her international retreats!

Get More of What You Want for Less!

Have you said, I’d love to do that if only I had the funds? We often forget there are many forms of abundance.

The key is to living a rich & expansive life is to focus on creating possibilities rather than limits. We can do that by being resourceful with what we have.

It’s Time To Be Rewarded

Many women are rich in community but low on funds. Perhaps you’re someone who empowers others by recommending tools for their personal empowerment, healing and growth…

Ever said, ‘If I had a dollar for every time I said that?’

Well, now you can! Recommend & be rewarded with a 10% commission on every sale generated by your positive word of mouth!

So we can thank-you for your support.

Ready to Say YES to a Richer Life?

Just follow these simple steps to start generating new opportunities to experience more soul enriching experiences by recommending Tanishka’s books, meditations, online courses or live events to your friends, family, clients or followers via your blog, emails, newsletters, website or social media pages!

Become a Moon Woman Affiliate Member Today!

As a member of the Moon Woman Affiliate Club you will also be helping more people access resources to assist their transition from living in a stressful state of separation & competition into a new way of living in conscious communion with themselves, their wider community & the natural cycles.

It’s Simple! Just click the button below and register.

Once we’ve processed your application you’ll receive an email with a link to login to our Affiliate Members Area.

Simply select the product, course or event you wish to share and you’ll be given two options:

  1. A unique trackable link to copy & paste to include in your emails, blog post or newsletter OR
  2. Social share buttons to share via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or Google +


Each time someone purchases via your unique link or social share you’ll receive 10% of each sale price as store credit* to spend on any of Tanishka’s live events, online courses, books or digital resources from her Moon Woman website. *excludes shipping and taxes

In the Affiliate Members Area, you can view sales you’ve generated & your store credit!

Time Poor? You don’t need to log in & check…as you’ll receive an email update each time you earn store credit for a referred purchase!

Save Time When Registering!

If you purchased anything from The Moon Woman website & saved your details for future purchases, please login here to save time when registering as an Affiliate.

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