The Role of Women in Men’s Empowerment


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Today we’re seeing many men responding to the inner call to rise, evidenced by the number of men’s events now emerging calling the men to gather.

This is a direct response to the instability of the times we’re living in, that being the transition between the cosmic ages…the end of the two thousand year Piscean Age and the start of the Aquarian Age.

Like bored kids in the backseat of a road trip, many are tired of asking, “Are we there yet?” When it comes to debate about the start of the Aquarian or New Age.

Did I Miss the Start of the Aquarian Age?

Perhaps we are asking the wrong question. Perhaps a more mature approach is how rather than when. So how do we enter the Aquarian Age?

Through the sacred doorway, the Vesica Pisces – the portal that is the place of balance we find within when we balance our opposite polarities of feminine (intuitive) and masculine (rational).

To open this portal one must receive the key to the mysteries. This is the key men were traditionally given when they turned 21 and were permitted to attend the ancient rite of the Holy Grail.

Opening the gate to the cosmic mystery of life is our lesson as we complete the Piscean Age. Traditionally men did this by seeking the Grail; initiation into the mysteries of the mystic.

This is why ancient Grail kings were referred to as Fisher Kings.

Why? Pisces is the sign of the fish, the ancient symbol for the mystic – one who goes to the depths to find the true meaning of their existence.

Today, without initiation into the Grail we see a large percentage of men seeking peace from the incessant chatter of their monkey mind and the circus of modern day life by fishing in a futile attempt to seek the Grail in an unconscious way. Such is the warning of the Grail parable, The Fisher King which warns that a man who pursues material wealth over spiritual growth will spend his elder years in inner torment unable to enjoy his harvest if he doesn’t seek the true Grail, that being the wisdom of the cycles distilled by the mystic feminine.

Time for the Return of the Grail

Pisces, the sign of the two thousand year astrological age now coming to an end is the sign that evokes the archetypal mystic. The unseen inner realms which the intuitive feminine helps us navigate, just as the rational masculine is better equipped to navigate the outer world.

The symbol of the fish was appropriated by Christianity, that previously symbolised the pre-Christian mystic tradition of the sacred feminine. Originally this symbol of the fish was associated with the sacred opening of a woman that was the portal for death of the ego via sexual initiation & birth of new life.

The Sacred Doorway

So too, the ancients understood that man alone cannot enter through this sacred doorway to experience an ego death and rebirth known in the mystic tradition as the ‘second birth’. Just as a man can’t enter the Earthly realm without the sacred vessel that is woman.

So while the patriarchal religions have appropriated the earlier mystic themes and symbology they lack the embodied wisdom of the cycles that women directly experience so are at best, imitations.

Why Plant Medicine Is So Popular Amongst Modern Men

Today we see many men seeking initiation into the realm of the mystic via plant medicine but without the wisdom teachings necessary to integrate the inner work of exploring the darkness within, many simply pay their money to experience a peak experience that fades leaves the initiate craving for more and often abusing plant medicine like a recreational drug.

This is because men (and masculine-dominant women) instinctually know the feminine holds the key to understanding themselves and the greater mystery of life…but just as the Earth’s resources have been pillaged to compensate for the soul malnutrition of the Western mindset; those most set apart from the mystic feminine – we see an influx of ‘medicine servers’ exploiting the feminine for their own gain, charging large prices for a psychedelic rollercoaster ride without a thorough grounding in myth, symbolism and archetypes to help inner travellers map their journey retrospectively.

The Role of the Sacred Feminine

The sacred secret to life is seeded in a woman’s womb, it is received by a clear vessel, a living Grail – that being a receptive woman. So too, Grail priestesses of olde would take vows and study the mysteries to prepare themselves as clear and receptive vessels to receive intuitive insights via gnosis. This is the true virgin birth; the ‘second birth’ of the soul once mid-wived by a priestess. The key lays in the fact, the word, ‘virgin’ originally meant priestess.

The rise of the empires saw the role of mystic guide, mentor and initiator reassigned to male clergy, rabbis, imams and gurus in hierarchical religions. Their doctrines only recognised male prophets as those who received the true word of God…and yet previously it was the Tantrikas, the oracles, the prophetesses who channelled divine truth as guidance for the collective, due to their ability to surrender their ego to Great Mystery as women do in the act of lovemaking and birth and also menstruation for those who embrace it as a shamanic practice.

When the uninitiated masculine tries to create initiations to emulate that power it loses the essence of the mystery.

The true Grail makes sense of the chaos of life as the feminine is the agent of chaos. A woman who is a clear vessel; a living Grail can identify how the mythos of the uni-verse, meaning ‘universal story’ comes alive as we consciously journey the mystery of the cycles, known as the sacred spiral – the divine design that provides a scaffold for our unfoldment into our highest potential.

It is Time for the Return of the Grail

It is time to come full circle…back to the Earth, back to the Mother, back to acknowledging the sacred power of the feminine. This requires the surrendering of control, arguably the most terrifying act a man can undertake as it is perilous and can’t be solved by rational thought. It also calls for discernment of choice in all things; the practical application of wisdom. Hence the power of choice is emphasised in every Grail parable.

It is this fear of bearing all to the feminine that evokes men’s deepest terror – a fear of losing personal power and feeling like a small and defenceless like a young boy. But only through facing this fear can a man be truly available to love – all forms of love; self love, brotherly / sisterly love, devotional love, love for the greater good through acts of dedicated service, friendship, familial love, romantic and erotic love.

The gift he will receive is beyond measure – the most priceless gift there is. True love.

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