I Have a Dream …

and I’d love to share it with you!

Those words of beloved sacred leader, Dr. Martin Luther King’s echo through space and time
and inspire me because I believe the most powerful thing we can do is acknowledge the vision that lives within our heart and dare to serve that vision by bringing it to life.

A gift
to future

I know that alone we cannot achieve as much as we can create together…

So I’m sharing my dream with you as an invitation to co-create it.


To create a life education retreat centre that teaches social sustainability as a foundation for a new era in human consciousness and interaction.

GIving people an Experience of living heaven on earth!

Imagine having the opportunity to be a resident for a designated time such as a 10 day or 1 month stay to experience living in harmony, with all colours and creeds in conscious community sharing the beauty and bounty of nature while restoring your sacred balance through living in alignment with the power of the natural cycles!

A Template for Social Sustainability

We are being called to restructure our way of living to create more support for individuals, partnerships, families and communities to heal endemic trauma that results in compromised wellbeing and social issues such as crime, domestic violence, suicide and substance abuse.  Without a clear template and a lived experience of what’s possible, this task can feel overwhelming. 

Facilitator trainings

For many years I’ve trained group facilitators to host sharing circles and rite of passage initiation ceremonies. As we enter this new era I look forward to extending my services to include facilitator training intensives for men and women to facilitate mixed circles, 1:1 sessions and couples sessions. 

What to Expect during your stay

Align with the Sun…

  • Daily active meditation to greet the dawn
  • Reflective meditation at sunset
  • Sun Lodge for men when the sun moves into a new sign

Align with the Moon…

  • Moon lodge for women at new moon
  • A 3 night celebration over full moon including a mixed circle, devotional chanting and ecstatic dance.

Align with the Seasons…

  • Take part in festive community celebrations to mark the turning of the seasonal wheel and integrate the lesson of each Solstice, Equinox, Solstice and Cross-Quarter festival

Align with the Cosmos…

  • Participate in sacred ceremonies to raise the collective consciousness during significant planetary transits
  • Witness or be initiated through rite of passage ceremonies that assist personal maturation

Together, these practices create a framework that supports growth.

This is social permaculture in action!


Reawakening these ancient practices is my offering to anchor Heaven on Earth.

I need help to create this vision within my heart.

So I’m sharing it with you, my community to build it with me just as sacred communities have built churches, temples and ashrams down through the ages.

If this vision speaks to your soul and enlivens your Spirit, join me by making a donation to make it a reality and spreading the word.

I will keep you informed each step of the way as to our progress!

In the meantime, here are some images of a property near Byron Bay, Australia
that inspired me to start.

My intention is to create the Rainbow Haven Retreat Centre
in honour of the Whirling Rainbow prophecy that this vision serves…
all colours and creeds working together to turn the Earth back to green
by reawakening the ancient teachings and practices
that help us live in alignment with the wisdom of the cycles.

Thank-you in advance for your support!

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