Moon moves into Sagittarius today so you may feel like gallivanting off on your own somewhere, just because you can.

Sag moon evokes the wanderer, the seeker, the pilgrim who seeks answers to life’s questions.

Often, like Dorothy (in the ‘Wizard of Oz’) it helps if we get out of our ordinary world to broaden our worldview, to open to new possibilities of how life can be lived.

These sorts of travels are best done alone so you have the time to reflect each day on what you’ve learned.

So if you’ve never taken a trip on your own – consider getting out of your comfort zone & start with a day trip.

If that’s too intimidating, like ‘Red Riding Hood’ you could visit a friend but do the journey to get there on your own to learn something new about yourself & the world.

Blessings on your day,

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