Long before our kids grow up and discover the pearls of wisdom offered by  the Dalai Lama and  other spiritual world  leaders, they will look to us as mothers (and fathers) for spiritual guidance. (Fortunately this does not mean trying to fit in teaching Sanksrit symbols between baking cookies & clarinet lessons!) What it does mean is that your input as a parent cannot be defined by how clean your floors are, how good your child’s grade average is or whether or not you wear gingham on a regular basis.

Regardless of economic, voting and reproductive rights in our modern day culture, a woman is still outwardly valued more for her youthful beauty, (in her maiden phase) than she is for her wisdom (in her mother or grandmother phase). It is therefore up to us as women to personally honour and celebrate the second and third stages of our own evolving womanhood. (For to not, is to miss out on the main meal and dessert, which would be a travesty for sensually minded Venusians the world over!)


Ultimately the wisdom that we all internally develop as we embrace the universal aspect of the Mother is the conscious understanding and attunement to the greater natural cycles and universal laws. This is something learnt through trial and error as more demands are placed on our time and energy in parenthood and we are driven to actively seek out strategies for coping with our increased workload. For example, by attuning more to the daily


cycle of the sun, (going to bed earlier and rising earlier) we access more of the natural energy available for our long list of household tasks.Similarly, by attuning more to our monthly lunar cycle we learn to plan big social events in the two weeks leading up to full moon (which often coincides with our ovulation) when we feel more outwardly gregarious and then as the emotional energy declines in the two weeks following the full moon, we can cut ourselves some slack as we often feel more tired and introspective. Knowing there are greater forces at work, we can give ourselves permission to overlook the piled up washing for few days and order take-out and a good DVD, (which often coincides with our monthly period.)

When we feel connected to the larger cycles, be they our life cycle, our moon cycle or the gestation cycle required to birth any new endeavour, our life flows more easily than if we were to try and impose our conscious will on a much larger picture. Our life easily and organically becomes whole; holistic in that we revere every day as a holy-day – (the origin of our modern holiday!)

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