Moon is still waxing in Leo, making this a great time to trim your split ends or beard if you’re wanting to encourage growth!

Leo lunar transits reignite our inspiration for projects which we may have put on the back burner. So, use this fiery sign to take action on following through on your initial creative spark to start a hobby or creative endeavor.

Moon in Leo can tend toward laziness just like a big pussy cat who sleeps in the sun for most of the day, so focus instead on the excitement you feel at sharing your creative gifts to motivate you to pick up where you left off.

For those in the Northern hemisphere, late Spring can be a frenetic season as we tear around trying to do everything after the sedentary season of Winter. Since Spring evokes the return of our inner adolescent & is ruled by the Air element we can be scattered & ungrounded so doing a craft activity with your hands can help center & still you.

For those in the Southern hemisphere, deep Autumn is a time of turning inward so having a crafting project to work on in the evenings by a log fire or candles with gentle music can be a meditative activity to focus on the creative light within. This is also a gentle way to circumvent the Winter blues & avoid the pollution of EMF’s, which we get when staring into electronic devices.

Consider the medicine of embroidering sacred geometry or affirmations to anchor them in your somatic body as you create them in 3D form!

Blessings on your day,

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