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 “We can’t save the planet if we’re so overwhelmed we can’t keep a pot plant alive”

– Tanishka

 We are not separate from the natural world.

To create a sustainable world we need to start by learning how to be socially sustainable…able to thrive individually and in our relationships.

We do that by understanding how the natural cycles impact our

  • energy levels
  • moods and emotions
  • libido
  • physical wellbeing 
  • mental health
  • creativity
  • relationships


When we don’t understand the natural cycles we feel stress as we push against the natural flow creating drama and struggle…

True Intelligence is Pattern Recognition

...aligning our timing with the pattern of nature ensures optimal results

I offer timely insight to understand and align with the power of the natural cycles.

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The gravitational force of the moon affects the ocean tides.

Since we’re 65% water, it has a huge effect on our moods, psyche & energy levels which rise and fall with the moon –

I offer daily lunar guidance to help you surf the waves!

The Moon Woman Membership Program

Choose from the following

Daily Wisdom

A daily blog to empower your day with awareness

Receive timely insights to enhance emotional balance and self-care.

  • plan activities in alignment with the waxing & waning moon
  • understand the strengths & challenges of the daily lunar sign
  • understand the influence of the daily lunar phase
  • Identify when the moon is void with suggestions to harness that window

Loved by half a million people worldwide!

‘Wow! Again such wisdom’

Katerina Erol, New Zealand

‘Happiness is all I feel when I read your teachings.’

Tiffany Battic, Italy

‘Dead on for my life!’

Valorie Treloggen, California

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Lunar Wisdom

 Bi-monthly articles to Live in Tune with the Moon

Understand the archetypal lessons of every new moon and full moon and how to navigate them with insightful articles and suggested timely resources. A great way to empower your feminine side.

Solar Wisdom 

A Monthly Blog to Harness the Power of the Sun

Receive inspirational coaching to keep you on track as the sun moves into each sign around the zodiac to help you live your path with a heart and express your true essence. Ideal for empowering your masculine side.

Seasonal Wisdom

 Activities to Celebrate Your Growth with the Seasons

Receive 8 x articles a year to flag the seasonal ‘power days’ that challenge us in our relationships. Knowledge empowers us to make choices that help our relationships to endure and thrive. Includes solo & shared activities.

Planetary Wisdom

Bi-monthly videos to navigate the Planetary Cycles

Receive Tanishka’s intuitive guidance to demystify the planetary transits and aspects affecting us and how to surf the energies with grace and empowerment.

Cyclic Wisdom

Communion with ALL the Cycles!

 Receive EVERYTHING to assist you to live in alignment with the divine design of life!  The perfect gift for yourself or loved ones that lights the way all year round with timely illumination to embrace the blessing and the lesson of the solar, lunar, seasonal, planetary and daily cycles

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About Tanishka

Tanishka is best known as Facebook’s, ‘Moon Woman’ with half a million followers of her daily guidance. An author of five books, she has taught ancient wisdom traditions and practices for more than two decades. As a leader in the global Red Tent movement she has trained women in 44 countries to facilitate Red Tent women’s circles as a community building initiative to support women during their most challenging time of the month.  

A former stand-up comedienne, she has captivated audiences around the world by decoding the greatest mystery of all time, ‘The Holy Grail’ from the perspective of the sacred feminine. In 2015 she created ‘The 28 Day Happy Challenge’ a not-for-profit project to raise funds, awareness and support for women recovering from the trauma of human trafficking.

In addition to being a popular keynote speaker at conferences, summits and festivals online and worldwide, her articles and interviews have been featured in leading women’s magazines and health publications in print and online. She also conducts online courses, speaking tours and retreats. Her latest book, ‘Goddess Wisdom’ published by Hay House in conjunction with an online course was released June 2017 and re-released in the USA in January 2019 and translated into French. She is currently writing her sixth book, The Grail.


Ah Tanishka, your insights and knowledge continually open my eyes, mind and heart!’

Alexandra Deen

You always say what I seem to need to hear! This is very comforting and you are doing great work! Thank you so much!’

Sotiria Theofilou

The Moon Woman

Email: click here

P.O. Box 11177

Frankston Vic 3199

ACN: 621 537 773

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All Rights Reserved

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