Moon is still in Sagittarius so you may notice the urge to travel rears its head as a desire to escape the mundane chores of your everyday routine today.

While some of us tend to be more ‘home bodies’ than others – preferring creature comforts over the exhilaration of the unknown…we all need some adventure in our lives to feel truly alive & remind ourselves of our inner strength through experiences that develop our self-reliance.

So if it’s been too long since you ventured beyond your known universe – consider what adventure beckons & entices your divine spark to be fanned higher with enthusiasm for life!

The longer we leave it between adventures, the less we tend to think of having one & the more we doubt ourselves to create or even survive one.

So start by attuning to your intuition: close your eyes & see or sense the experience that your soul longs for…to feel truly alive. This may be visiting a certain culture, landscape, a pilgrimage or a retreat. It may be a period of study, learning a new skill or time away with your favorite people.

Next, identify exactly what you’d need – such as time off work, childcare, money, special clothing etc then create a plan to address each need in step-by-step order…even if it takes 3 years of savings, if you start now, every day you’ll be closer to realizing a lifelong dream on your bucket list.

If the exotic island of Bali stirs your soul…come join me in September/October for a lush event that will leave you feeling 8 foot tall & good all over!

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Blessings on your day & on your adventures!

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