The moon is moving from Pisces into Aries today so if you feel vague now…rest assured as the day progresses you’ll fire up so you’re running on all cylinders, regardless of your personal sign. Why?
Pisces is a water sign ruled by Neptune, planet of dreams, sleep & fantasy whereas Aries is a fire sign, ruled by Mars, planet of action, sport & warriors so as we move from the depths of our watery unconscious to fiery Aries we’re more likely to don spandex & go for a run!
While still in Pisces we’re more inclined to fantasise about taking action but opt for reading a fantasy novel…this can however be helpful as a mental health strategy to unwind for those of us who tend to operate on hyperdrive.
Another great use of this lunar transit is to contemplate any recent dream messages. For if we’re not making regular time to ponder our past & make sense of our experiences to glean the associated lessons, our dreams will become increasingly intense to get our attention as to what needs healing or addressing so we don’t act without thinking…one of the foibles of Aries, the youngest of the signs.
So if you’ve had a disturbing or striking dream…sit awhile to contemplate it’s meaning.
The shift into Aries will take place at 3.21pm Melbourne, Australia time on Friday, Aug 11. To convert that into your local time & date click here:
I’m flying to Bris-Vegas today to start my Australian tour tonight, followed by the Gold Coast tomorrow night & Byron Sunday night. This will be a night of raucous Secret Women’s Biz like you’ve never heard it before!
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Blessings on your day,
Today’s artwork is a reinterpretation by Yuko Shimizu of the work by renowned Japanese artist, Hokusai titled ‘La Grande Vague’ for those of you who feel swallowed by our your dreamscape! To view his online gallery click here:

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