The moon has just moved into Pisces. So don’t be surprised if you feel dreamy & extra sensitive, regardless of your personal horoscope. Why?
Pisces is the mystic of all the 12 signs. So when the moon moves into this sign we can feel like we’re between the worlds…because we are!
Sound trippy? Well, usually all our focus is in 3D – the third dimension where we have physical consequences bound by the law of cause & effect so we need all our attention here during the waking hours.
Since Pisces is the final lesson in the astrological mandala, it’s akin to the elder who is less connected with the external physical reality & more attuned to the inner non-physical reality.
So during a Pisces lunar transit our subtle senses are more open to receiving & processing info of a non-rational sort from the Dreaming, the inner worlds where we have access to all dimensions of reality.
See it like a vision quest without hallucinogens.
So this is a great time to notice the subtle feelings, synchronistic observations & nuances which we have more access to the more we honour our sensitivity on all levels: emotionally, mentally, energetically & physically.
When people aren’t comfortable with their sensitivity they seek to numb it with substances & this creates a veil of confusion so they feel lost & unable to navigate their way through the unknowable by attuning to their subtle senses.
So honour your sensitivity & awaken the mystic…in other words, if you want to be like Yoda allow yourself to feel.
Blessings on your day,
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